How to play World Cup 2022 Fantasy (Rules)

world cup 2022 fantasy how to play

Here is our quick guide on how to play World Cup 2022 Fantasy for beginners.

Without further ado, let’s jump in.

World Cup Fantasy Football is a game where you manage your own fantasy team and get points based on the player’s real performance.

You can compete against your friends in mini-leagues and against all other fantasy managers in the overall rankings.

Create your own fantasy team

world cup 2022 fantasy pick team
World cup 2022 fantasy pick team
  1. You can start creating your squad at the Official FIFA website
  2. Pay attention to short tutorial before making your fantasy team
  3. Pick a team of 15 players
  4. 2 x Goalkeepers, 5 x Defenders, 5x midfielders, 3 x Forwards
  5. Your team must be within 100 million budget
  6. Maximum 3 players per team in the group stage. This number increases in the knockout stage.
MatchdayMaximum players per nation allowed
Round of 164

Source: Official guidelines of World Cup Fantasy

Pick a captain

world cup fantasy captain
world cup fantasy captain
  • Pick a captain – a player that you think will score the most points during the next Matchday. Captain points are doubled.
  • Switching the captain: you can change your captain only ONCE after your first captain is locked. So, if your first captain does not deliver points, you can switch the captaincy to another player who is unlocked (is yet to play). But you can do it only once per matchday.
  • Important: You can only switch captaincy to a player who is yet to play, and not to the player who already played

Earn points

Once the matchday started, your team will start receiving points according to the world cup fantasy points scoring system.

Make substitutions and captaincy changes within the matchday

You can make substitutions and captaincy changes to your team during the matchday or between matchday. How those auto subs and manual substitution work? Read more about it in our article: How to use auto subs and manual substitutions in World Cup Fantasy strategy?

Make transfers in your team

At the start of each matchday in the Group Stage, you get 2 free transfers that you can use to make changes to your team. That is 6 free transfers during Group Stage that you can use between matchdays or during matchdays. This number increases in the elimination rounds.

Each additional transfer will cost you 3 points. You can read more about using transfers in World Cup Fantasy in our article: World Cup Fantasy Transfer Rules. In this article, we also discussed when and on which players you should use your transfers.

Use boosters to maximize points potential

There are three boosters in World Cup 2022 Fantasy which can help you increase point potential of your team:

Each boosters can be used only once in the tournament. Only one booster can be active during matchday. Once you activate the booster you cannot take it back.

Create mini-leagues and beat your friends

Fantasy football is more fun when you play it against your friends. Create a mini-league and invite your friends!

And of course, you can compete with other Fantasy Football Reports readers and join our mini-league as well!

For joining our league click this link or use our league code WSORZ4X1. We are looking forward to competing with you!

Do not forget deadlines

If you want to be eligible to win prizes (2 x ticket to World Cup Final), you have to register your squad before the first deadline so do not forget about it!

And of course, do not forget to actively manage your squad between matchdays as well to get the highest score possible.

Have fun

Fantasy football can be stressful when things are not going your way. FIFA World Cup 2022 Fantasy will not be any different. Look at it as something that will help you enjoy the World Cup tournament more, and not as something that can ruin your day when your players blank (because that will, fantasy football is a rollercoaster and you will experience your players not returning points as expected).

Plan, analyze, predict and optimize your squad (while having fun)

  • Before each matchday find some time to think about your team and possible moves
  • Plan for the long term, plan when you use your chips to get a strategic advantage from using them
  • Follow players’ stats on sites like Understat
  • Try to find undervalued players
  • Optimize your team (and the money spread in your team) for the biggest expected output
  • Find which players are in form by checking the last matches
  • Use bookies odds to find what bookmakers and their statistical models expect to happen. Check World Cup Clean Sheets Odds and World Cup Goalscoring Odds before every matchday
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    I have a question. Currently I have 4 free transfers in MD4. If I transfer out my locked players, do I keep their points and those transfers will be activated in MD5? So, technically I can make 9 transfers for MD5. Am I right or am I missing something?

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