UCL Fantasy: Limitless Wildcard team for Matchday 4!

Are you going to play your limitless wildcard in Matchday 4 of UEFA Fantasy Champions League? Time for making changes to your team is running out. That is why we have a limitless wildcard team reveal for you as an inspiration and few important tips about what to look out for when playing this chip with almost unlimited potential.

GW9 Teams Report

As the UCL midweek ends, we are back with FPL teams report. Here is the reminder of what is inside the tables that we make. Team statistics Also we make another table without one worst and one best match for each team to eliminate randomness: Team rankings To simplify things we render all these stats […]

GW9 Players Report

We continue with our idea of players report without one best and one worst game with per game stats. You can read all the explanations in our previous post. Midfielders Here are the top midfield options with attacking xPTS per game greater than 1. Players that got out of this list: Sterling Doucoure Sarr New […]