UCL Fantasy Tips for Matchday 2

First matchday of Fantasy Champions League is now over and the second starts in just a few days. There is not too much time to prepare. The show must go on and the schedule of every team is extremally busy. So be careful when picking players to your fantasy team, we might see a lot of rotation and unfortunately injuries, too. Let’s dive to our tips for UCL Fantasy Matchday 2.

GW5 Teams Report

Our big scary multicolored tables are back! We are monitoring a number of teams metrics and counting them for the past run of fixtures. We produced 7 percentiles of various ranges from the worst to the best and assigned a color each. Data from each match was provided by understat.com and aggregated by us. Teams […]

UCL Fantasy: Limitless Wildcard team for Matchday 2!

Are you going to play your limitless wildcard in Matchday 2 of UEFA Fantasy Champions League? Time for making changes to your team is running out. That is why we have a limitless wildcard team reveal for you as an inspiration and few important tips about what to look out for when playing this chip with almost unlimited potential.

FPL GW5: Transfer Targets

We are back with our assessment of players into different categories as we do each week: First one would be “Players you still don’t own”: greatly performing players with high ownership that should be your transfer priority if you don’t have them. Second one is “Differentials”: greatly performing players with under 10% ownership that you […]