Next Blank & Double Gameweeks in FPL 2023/24

next double gameweek fpl

The 2023/24 season of Fantasy Premier League starts soon.

So, let’s take a closer look at when we can expect blank and double gameweeks in FPL in new season.

You can check our FPL calendar to see the schedule in the bigger picture.

When are the next blank & double gameweeks in Fantasy Premier League 2023/24?

Gameweek 28: Double Gameweek

Small double gameweek. Teams that play twice:

  • Bournemouth: SHU (H), LUT (H)
  • Luton: AVL (H), BOU (A)

Gameweek 29: Blank Gameweek

  • Only 8 teams WILL have fixtures in BGW29: Fulham, Spurs, Brentford, Burnley, West Ham, Aston Villa, Luton, Nottingham
  • big blank gameweek
  • due to the collision with FA Cup Quarter Final

Gameweek 34: Likely Blank Gameweek + Potential Double Gameweek at the same time

  • smaller blank gameweek
  • due to the collision with FA Cup Semi-Final
  • Teams that do not play: Will be confirmed after the FA Cup Quarterfinal which is scheduled on 16. March 2024

Gameweek 37: Likely Big Double Gameweek

  • Free midweek without Champions League games (see our FPL calendar) which makes it ideal for postponed games to be scheduled to

Previous blank & double gameweeks

Gameweek 2: Blank Gameweek

Gameweek 7: Double Gameweek

Teams that played twice:

  • Burnley: NEW (A), LUT (A)
  • Luton: EVE (A), BUR (H)

Gameweek 18: Blank Gameweek

  • Teams that do not play: Manchester City, Brentford (the match was postponed due to the FIFA Club World Cup 2023 that City will participate in)

Gameweek 25: Double Gameweek

Teams that play twice:

  • Manchester City: CHE (H), BRE (H)
  • Brentford: LIV (H), MCI (A)
  • Liverpool: BRE (A), LUT (H)
  • Luton: MUN (H), LIV(A)

Gameweek 26: Blank Gameweek

Teams that have postponed fixture:

  • Liverpool
  • Luton
  • Chelsea
  • Tottenham


What is a double gameweek in Fantasy Premier League?

Double gameweek is a gameweek in Fantasy Premier League, where some teams play twice. So if you own double gameweek players in your fantasy teams, you will get fantasy points from both matches, not just one.

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What is a blank gameweek in Fantasy Premier League?

Blank gameweek is a gameweek where some fixtures were postponed so we do not have 10 fixtures as usual, but 9 or fewer. Players with blank gameweek will score zero points for your fantasy team in that round.

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