When is next Double Gameweek in FPL?

next double gameweek fpl

Some double gameweeks for Fantasy Premier League 2022/23 season were announced!

So, let’s take a closer look at when is next double gameweek in FPL and which teams play twice.

Next double gameweeks in Fantasy Premier League

Teams with Double Gameweek 19

  • Chelsea: Manchester City (H), Fulham (A)
  • Fulham: Leicester (A), Chelsea (H)

Deadline: 2 January 2023

Teams with Double Gameweek 20

(only happen if neither City or Tottenham are in an FA Cup 3R replay)

  • Manchester City: Manchester United (A), Tottenham (H)
  • Tottenham: Arsenal (H), Manchester City (A)

Deadline: 13 January 2023

Team with Double Gameweek 23

  • Manchester City: Aston Villa (H), Arsenal (A)
  • Arsenal: Brentford (H), Manchester City (H)

Strategy for next double gameweeks

  • Save one free transfer for GW19, so you have higher flexibility when bringing in DGW players without hits
  • Manchester City has 2 double gameweeks between GW20 and GW23. These fixtures are not particularly easy, but still we probably should triple up on City during this period.
  • Likely neither of these fixtures are good for chips like Triple Captain, Bench Boost or Free Hit – we will likely get better double gameweeks before the end of the season
  • Have these double gameweek on mind when picking players into your FPL team in GW17

Potential blank gameweeks later in the 2022/23 season

Because clash with cup matches, we can expect blank gameweeks in:

  • GW25 – due to the clash with EFL Cup Final (potential blank up to 4 teams)
  • GW28 – clash with FA Cup quarterfinals
  • GW32 – clash with FA Cup semifinals

Potential double gameweeks later in the 2022/23 season

Fixtures postponed from these blanks could potentially be rescheduled to GW29, GW34 and GW37.

Other fixtures that need to be rescheduled

GW7 postponements

  • Arsenal vs. Everton
  • Bournemouth vs. Brighton
  • Crystal Palace vs. Manchester United
  • Leeds vs. Nottingham Forrest
  • Leicester vs. Aston Vill
  • Liverpool vs. Wolves
  • Southampton vs. Brentford
  • West Ham vs. Newcastle

GW8 postponements

  • Brighton vs. Crystal Palace
  • Chelsea vs. Liverpool
  • Manchester United vs Leeds


What is a double gameweek in Fantasy Premier League?

Double gameweek is a gameweek in Fantasy Premier League, where some teams play twice. So if you own double gameweek players in your fantasy teams, you will get fantasy points from both matches, not just one.

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When is the next double gameweek in FPL?

The next double gameweek will be GW19, where Chelsea and Fulham play twice. The gameweek starts on 2 January 2023.

What is a blank gameweek in Fantasy Premier League?

Blank gameweek is a gameweek where some fixtures were postponed so we do not have 10 fixtures as usual, but 9 or fewer. Players with blank gameweek will score zero points for your fantasy team in that round.

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