Champions League Clean Sheet Odds MD2

Which teams are most likely to keep a clean sheet in the following round of Fantasy Champions League? We regularly convert bookies clean sheet odds into probabilities to find out. We use our Odds to probability calculator in order to do that.

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Clean Sheet Odds for UCL Fantasy MD2

You can find clean sheet odds for Fantasy Champions League MD2 in the table below.

TeamClean Sheet Odds
Real Madrid59 %
Bayern56 %
Ajax44 %
Zenit42 %
Dortmund40 %
Manchester United39 %
Chelsea37 %
Leipig37 %
Atalanta36 %
Inter Milan35 %
Liverpool34 %
Atletico Madrid30 %
Wolfsburg29 %
Salzburg28 %
Barcelona27 %
Sevilla26 %
AC Milan25 %
Juventus25 %
Benfica22 %
Manchester City22 %
PSG20 %
Lille16 %
Malmo15 %
Porto14 %
Šachtar Doneck12 %
Club Brugge11 %
Villareal11 %
YB Bern10 %
Sporting8 %
Besiktas8 %
Sheriff Tiraspol5 %
Dynamo Kyjev3 %

Based on these odds, bookies expect 8.24 clean sheets in the Matchday 2

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