Fraction to decimal odds converter

There are three common ways how bookmakers state betting odds: Decimal Odds, Fraction Odds, and American Odds.

We all are used to a different type of odds interpretation, so sometimes we need to convert one type of odds to the other (for example fraction odds to decimal) in order to understand odds in a way we are most used to. 

So, at Fantasy Football Reports, we prepared a useful betting odds converter for you. It can help you during your decision-making process in Fantasy Football or in your betting strategies. 

You can use our fraction odds converter right away, but if would like to know more about these types of odds and how they are calculated, keep reading. 

Let’s explain them all.

1. Fraction Odds Explained

Fraction Odds are typical for the UK and Ireland, and are often referred to as traditional odds. They are written with a slash “/”, and for example, the odds 3/1 reads “three-to-one”.

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