How Recency Bias Influences Our Decisions in FPL

With millions of players worldwide, FPL has evolved into a complex strategic game that demands insight, foresight, and sometimes a pinch of luck. In the world of decision-making, cognitive biases are systematic patterns of deviation from norm or rationality, often leading us astray from optimal choices. One such cognitive bias, and the centerpiece of our […]

Variance in FPL: How to deal with it?

In statistical terms, variance measures how far a set of numbers are spread out from their average value. In FPL, variance manifests in the fluctuating performances of players and teams from gameweek to gameweek. In this article, we will shortly look at the variance in Fantasy Football and how managers could possibly deal with it. […]

The BEST FPL Team of 2022/23 season

The 2022/23 season of Fantasy Premier League is now over and it is time to look back, review it, and learn from mistakes in order to improve our FPL skills in the next season. That’s why in this article, we will look at the best FPL team from the 2022/23 season – the top-scoring combination of players respecting […]

Why Is Diversification Important in FPL?

Never put your eggs in one basket… Much like in finance, where investors spread their capital across various assets to mitigate risk and maximize returns, Fantasy Premier League managers can benefit from spreading their resources across a variety of players and teams. In this article, we will look at why is diversification important when picking […]

The Extreme Values Cluster Theory and its Role in FPL

The Extreme Values Cluster Theory is a fascinating concept in statistics that has intriguing applications in various fields, including the world of Fantasy Premier League (FPL). This theory, which deals with the occurrence of extreme events, can provide valuable insights into player and team performance in FPL, helping managers make informed decisions. In this article, […]