UCL Fantasy Semifinals Tips – 2nd Leg

Just two matchdays left in this years Fantasy Champions League campaign. There is not much room to make a big difference in the overall ranking or in the mini-leagues, as teams of majority of UCL Fantasy managers are looking very similar.

But still, we will do our best to help you with our UCL Fantasy MD 12 Tips.

So, let’s prepare our squads for the 2nd leg of Champions League Semifinals.

Strategy for the semifinals 2nd leg

We will keep our tips short.

The most important thing before the final is: you have to make sure that no matter which teams will advance to the final, you still have 11 starters to field in the final.

Once the second leg of semifinals is over, you will get 5 free transfers again. So make sure, that no matter which teams will progress, you will have at least 6 players that will have advanced to the final (you will get other 5 players with your 5 free transfers).

It means, that sum of players in your team from all possible final combinations is greater or equal to six. 

So, use your three free transfers wisely now and think about your tactic.

And before the start of the semifinals 2nd leg make sure you have:

  • At least 6 players from Liverpool and Man City in total (if two of them are goalkeepers, then 7)
  • At least 6 players from Liverpool and Real Madrid in total (if two of them are goalkeepers, then 7)
  • At least 6 players from Villareal and Man City in total (if two of them are goalkeepers, then 7)
  • At least 6 players from Villareal and Real Madrid in total (if two of them are goalkeepers, then 7)

Note: You can have 2 x Villareal, 4 x Manchester City, 4 x Real Madrid and 5 x Liverpool, with Ederson and Alisson goalkeepers

That way you will be protected no matter which teams will advance to the final and you will have 11 players (6 from your current team + 5 transfers).

And way you will not have to take unnecessary hits to field 11 starters in the final.

You can also use our probabilities of progressing to the final to assess which teams will likely advance to the final.

Key notes for semi finals 2nd leg

  • Pick goalkeepers from both days (ideally Ederson and Allison)
  • 5 points is our captaincy threshold (if our captain score 5 or more points we will not change our captaincy)
  • 4 points is our substitution threshold (if a player score 4 or more points we will not sub him off)

What bookies says about MD12

What bookies say about Champions League semi finals 2nd leg? We have already show you probabilities of progressing to the final. Now let’s check clean sheet odds and goalscoring odds.

Our probabilities are calculated from bookies odds using our Odds to probability calculator.

Clean sheet odds

Liverpool (35 %) and Manchester City (24 %) are most likely to keep a clean sheet in the 1st leg of semifinals.

We will see approximately just 0.89 clean sheet in the following round, so perhaps none.

Clean sheet odds are again on similar level for all 4 teams, so you should have defenders from all 4 teams in your squad (with higher focus on Liverpool an City) and try to catch that one clean sheet regardless which team will register it.

You can check all MD12 clean sheet odds here: Champions League Clean Sheet Odds.

Goalscoring odds

With a 40 % probability of scoring a goal, Mohamed Salah and Karim Benzema is are most likely goalscorers in the 2nd leg of UCL Fantasy semi finals.

You can check all MD12 goalscoring odds here: Champions League Goalscoring Odds.

Best captains for UCL Fantasy Semifinals

Salah was rested in Premier League against Newcastle, so we have he is obvious captaincy option.

Our backup captain for Wednesday is Karim Benzema.

He is in great form, he is the talisman of Real Madrid and managed to score in the first leg as well. 

Scout picks for UCL Fantasy Semifinals 2nd Leg

Few last tips for the semifinals 2nd leg.

Do not forget include midfielders that are great in balls recovered (Fabinho, Casemiro) to your team.

With just 2 games, there will not be a lot of UCL Fantasy points distributed among the players. But players recovering balls are offering safe and secure root to points, as they do not have to score goal or keep a clean sheet.

Also focus on defenders great at balls recovered. We do not know which team will keep a clean sheet, but we know which defenders will get points for balls recovered (Militao, Albiol, Cancelo, VVD, TAA)

Here is our scout squad for the UCL Fantasy semifinals 2nd leg.

The squad value is 106m, as we assume your team value have gone up during the season.

ucl fantasy semifinals 2nd leg team


Goog luck in UCL Fantasy Semi finals 2nd leg! 

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