Best FPL Chip Strategies for 2023/24 (Updated)

fpl chip strategies

We are approaching the second half of the season in Fantasy Premier League which is typical with double and blank gameweeks later on. This opens great opportunities to use chips and gain extra fantasy points. What are potentially the best chip strategies for the second half of the FPL 2023/24 season?

Your strategy 100 % depends on how many chips you have left… Without further ado, let’s jump into some of our early thoughts.

Potential FPL Chip Strategies

Remember, the best chip strategy is very team-dependent. The strategy that might be the best for my FPL team, might not be the best strategy for your FPL team. It all depends on the current shape of your FPL team, and how many chips you have left

If you have all your chips left (Wildcard, Free Hit, Bench Boost, Triple Captain)

If I had all my chip left (I used free hit in GW29), I would use this strategy:

WC30, FH34, BB31/37, TC37/38

  • Wildcard now to clean up the mess after blank gameweek 29
  • load up on Chelsea and Spurs players for their double gameweeks later in the season
  • Disadvantage: You would have to sacrifice Liverpool and Arsenal players in order to accommodate City, Spurs and Chelsea asset
  • Bench Boosting either Newcastle and Brighton players in single gameweek 31 or in DGW37
  • Triple captain Palmer, Son or Haaland in DGW37
  • Triple captain could also be used in smaller double gameweek 35 or 36 where Spurs vs Chelsea fixture could be rescheduled to

If you used your free hit (so only wildcard + potentially bench boost and triple captain available)

TC34/37 + WC35 + BB36/37

  • Good option for managers with many Arsenal, Bournemouth and Liverpool players
  • Dead end team into GW34
  • Triple captain Salah in double gameweek 34 or saving TC chip for DGW37 in case it is an unlikely triple gameweek (Palmer or Son)
  • Bench Boost either in DGW37 or in single gameweek 36 right after the wildcard (or even in DGW34 if you want to use TC in GW37, and will have some cheaper DGW players in GW34)
  • Wildcard in GW35 to rebalance squad after dead ending team into GW34
  • Disadvantage is very late wildcard, so it will effect your team only for 3 gameweeks. So it is suitable for managers who have team in a good shape right now

If you have only free hit + potentially bench boost and triple captain

FH34, BB37, TC35/36/37/38

  • start slowly building team towards double gameweek 37 right now, while free hitting in GW34

Upcoming blank and double gameweeks

Triple captain

Some FPL managers used their Triplce captain chip early in a single gameweek. If you still have this chip, you have many options for where to use it. The disadvantage is that you can have active only one chip in one gameweek, so you cannot combine it with other chips.

That’s why you should aim to use triple captain on a double gameweek, where you do not aim to use other powerful chips – Wildcard, Free Hit or Bench Boost.

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Bench Boost

Ideally, you should aim to use Bench Boost in a double gameweek soon after the Wildcard – where you still have playing players on your bench and not many injuries and non-playing players. Also, bench boost is ideal for double gameweeks, where bottom-half teams with cheap players play twice.

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Free Hit

When you use a free hit chip, consider this:

  • If you use it in a blank gameweek where big teams have blank, the points potential is low, as bottom-half teams do not tend to score many fantasy points
  • If you use it in a double gameweek (where big teams have double), the points potential is huge


You should always assess the potential o a free hit in terms of difference against your original team and then decide, whether to use it in a blank gameweek or in a double gameweek.

So always consider:

  • How many points can I gain against my non-free hit team, if I use free hit in this blank gameweek (GW26, GW29, GW34)?
  • How many points can I gain against my non-free hit team, if I use it in this double gameweek (GW37)?

Of course, it also depends on the overall chip strategy and when you will use your other chips, and how they influence the shape of your FPL squad. Always have a big picture in mind, when considering using free hit chip.

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Do not forget that every manager has a different team, so a chip strategy that might be the best solution for one manager does not have to be best for another manager with a completely different FPL team.

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