When to use bench boost in FPL?

when to use bench boost fpl

The key to maximizing the potential of the bench boost chip lies in knowing when to deploy it. In this article, we will look at when is the best time to use bench boost in Fantasy Premier League.

This article is a part of our series: What is bench boost in FPL and how it works?

When to use bench boost in the 2023/24 season?

Unless necessary, avoid using your bench boost chip very early during the new 2023/24 season.  We have only single gameweeks in the first half of the season. So, rather save your bench boost to the second half of the season, where we will have bigger double gameweeks, somewhere between GW32 and GW37.


  • This could be an opportunity to use bench boost, if you will wildcard in GW30-GW33 and do not aim to use free hit in this hybrid blank and double gameweek.
  • An option mainly for managers who will set up their team with GW30-GW33 wildcard for GW34 and then free hit in GW37
  • Pros: A lot of “weaker” teams have double gameweek here, so you can have your bench full of Bournemouth, Everton, Crystal Palace or Wolves players, while keeping them on the bench in other single gameweeks.
  • Cons: If you will bench boost here, you cannot use triple captain on Salah here


  • We will likely see a big double gameweek here with likely 6 teams playing twice
  • However, you would need to use your wildcard somewhere close to Gameweek 37 after we know the fixtures and to minimize the chances of having injured players on GW37.
  • Allows to have payers like Van Hecke, Garnacho on the bench boost
  • Read more about it later in the article… (this is currently our preferred time to use bench boost in combination with GW35 wildcard, see our chip strategy)

See the fixtures in a bigger perspective in our FPL calendar.

When to use bench boost in Fantasy Premier League?

The best time to use the Bench Boost chip in FPL is usually during a Double Gameweek. A Double Gameweek occurs when certain teams play twice in one Gameweek due to the rescheduling of fixtures. This scenario presents an excellent opportunity to capitalize on the Bench Boost, as it increases the chances of your players earning more points.

But you need to have double gameweeks players on your bench otherwise it is no different from using it in single gameweek.

Tips for the most efficient timing of the bench boost chip

1. Do not compromise your starting XI because of a bench boost

Overall, during the whole FPL season, you do not want to have expensive players on your bench – you should aim to have as cheap bench as possible (cheap, but composed of regular starters).

Ideally, the money of your bench could be laid out like this: 4m – 4.5m – 4.5m – 4.5m

That leaves 82.5 million for your starting XI which is way more important than your bench, as your starting XI is the primary source of fantasy points during the whole FPL season.

So, do not compromise your starting XI just because of one week bench boost. Do not have expensive players on your bench just because of bench boost. That would limit the money you can afford to use for your starting XI.

The points you get from your starting eleven during multiple gameweeks are more important than 15 – 20 points you get from your bench boost.

So, have cheap players on your bench (just 2-pointers) who regularly start for their team. That way you should get around 16 points from your bench on a bench boost (if all your bench players play twice in a double gameweek), which is solid output without compromising and weakening your team for the next gameweeks. 

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2. Make sure you deploy bench boost on a gameweek where all 15 players are highly likely to start

Try to avoid using a bench boost during a gameweek where some of your players might get rotated or are injury doubts. Do not risk that you will not be able to field 15 starters.

It is very important to have 15 starters during the bench boost gameweek.

3. Do not take -4 points because of the bench boost

Bench boost is usually overrated among Fantasy Premier League managers. You should plan a few weeks ahead before you use it in order to prepare your fantasy squad (and bench) well. So when the time comes, you do not have to use hits to field 15 starters which would be a waste of points.

If you expect, that your bench player will get you 4 points (2+2 for 2 starts in a double gameweek), and you take -4 point hit to bring him in, you basically gain zero points from him.

4. Use bench boost after the wildcard

Great timing for using bench boost is one week after the wildcard. You load up on double gameweek players one gameweek before the double gameweek. Then you use bench boost one week after the wildcard during the double gameweek. Wildcard will help you with getting 15 starters for your bench boost.

Unfortunately, you cannot use wildcard and bench boost at the same time, so you need to use wildcard one (or a few) gameweeks before the double gameweek in which you plan to use the bench boost chip.

5. Deploy bench boost when bottom-half teams have a double gameeweek

On bench boost, you ideally want a cheap bench, so it will not weaken your team in the long run. That’s why you should aim to use the bench boost during double gameweek when bottom-half teams (full of cheap bench enablers) play twice. If only teams like Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, and Chelsea play twice, you want their players in your starting XI anyway and not on your bench. That way your bench would be composed of cheap single gameweek players.

So, aim to use bench boost during double gameweek where bottom half teams play twice (and have two nice fixtures).

Should you use bench boost in a single gameweek with great fixtures?

Of course, you do not have to rely solely on double gameweeks when using a bench boost chip. You can also use it during a single gameweek when you have a benching headache because all your bench players have great fixtures.

  • However, when you use it in a single gameweek, your 4 bench players play just 4 matches in total (1 match each).
  • On the other hand, if you use it in a double gameweek your 4 bench players might play up to 8 matches in total (2 each) – if all your bench players play twice

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While Double Gameweeks are generally the best time to use the Bench Boost chip, it’s important to stay flexible and adapt to changes in fixture schedules, team form, and player availability throughout the season. By keeping these factors in mind, you’ll be better prepared to make the most of your Bench Boost and boost your overall FPL performance.

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