Best Midfielders to pick in MD13

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In this article, we will look at the best midfielders for your Fantasy Champions League team in MD13 – Final in the new 2023/24 season?

This article is part of the series: UCL Matchday 13: Tips, Best Picks & Captain

We looked at each price option: budget enablers, mid-priced and premium options.

Budget midfielders for the final

Emre Can (5.7m, Dormund) – 5/10

  • selected by 1%
  • he started to recover more balls since he is playing in midfield
  • in the knockout rounds, he recovered 31 balls in 6 games = 5.2 per game

Sabitzer (5.7m, Dortmund) – 9/10

  • a hero of matchday 10
  • nice form for Dortmund with 3G + 3A in last 6 games

Mid-Priced Midfielders (6.5m – 8.5m)

Toni Kroos (6.4m, Real Madrid) – 6.5/10

  • small points potential through balls recovered – 4.4 balls recovered per game
  • 1G + 7A this season in La Liga, good assists potential

Brahim Diaz (6.5m, Real Madrid) – 4/10

  • could be an option if you think the game will go to extra time
  • he will not start, but if there is a draw and a extra time, he could get around 20 + 30 minutes
  • when he get game time, he can deliver, 8G + 4A in La Liga this season

Brandt (7.5m, Dormund) – 6/10

  • one of key players for Borussia this season
  • 1 goal and 5 assists in last 10 games
  • 6G + 11A this season in Bundesliga

Valverde (7.5m, Real Madrid) – 5/10

  • can be really explosive fantasy asset
  • can also get occasional points for balls recovered
  • 1G + 7A this season in La Liga, good assists potential

Bellingham (8m, Real Madrid) – 9.5/10

  • his form trailed off recently, but still…
  • reliable UCL Fantasy asset, he seems to always deliver in the Champions League
  • 18G + 4A in La Liga this season
  • MOTM candidate when he do well in a match, so far 3 MOTM awards

Tips for picking the best midfielders for your UCL Fantasy team

When selecting a defender for your UCL Fantasy team you consider:

  • If you pick a premium midfielder, make sure he is also a good captaincy option.
  • If you pick cheap midfielders (less than 5.5 million), make sure they are good at balls recovered
  • Also, consider midfielders who are talismans for their teams as they could get awarded MOTM 
  • Form and fixtures are also important parts of your decision-making process
  • Consider probabilities when picking midfielders. Let bookies any time goalscorer odds to help you with that. You can find them here: Champions League Goalscoring Odds.
  • Make sure you have all playing midfielders and no non-starters in your team – you can sub off players when they blank for a player who is yet to play
  • Think about the structure of your midfield. It could be something like:
    • 10m (premium captaincy option)
    • 7m (talisman)
    • 7m (talisman)
    • 6m (differential with good fixture)
    • 5m (balls recovered hero)
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