130+ Best & Funny FPL Team Names (2023/24)

best fpl team names

Every Fantasy Premier League season starts with selecting a good FPL team name. At first glance, you might say that the name of your fantasy team does not matter…

However, some experience FPL veterans would say that it is not entirely true. Yes, your skills and positions in the overall ranking are way more important. But FPL is also about having fun and the season does not always go the way we plan.

And when you compete with your friends, colleagues, and mini-league rivals, they all will see your FPL team name when checking mini-league standings. Selecting a good, creative, or funny name for your fantasy football team can make you stand out from the crowd in all of your mini-leagues.

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How to pick a good FPL team name?

  • Be creative
  • Your team name reflects your identity, so choose a team name that is related to you or the topic you like
  • If you want to be known in the FPL community, use the same FPL team every season and built a brand around it
  • Be careful and do not use an offensive team name because offensive team names can be reported by any player and FPL could take action against managers with inappropriate team names.
  • FPL Team name character limit: 20 characters

Some ideas on how to make up your own creative Fantasy Football Team name

Choosing a Fantasy Football team name can be a fun and creative process. Here are some suggestions and ideas to help you generate your FPL team name:

  1. Player Puns: Incorporate clever wordplay using the names of popular football players. For example, “Ctrl + Dele” or “Cahill on the Roof.”
  2. Pop Culture References: Draw inspiration from movies, TV shows, or music. For instance, “The Hazardous Avengers” or “Game of Throw-ins.”
  3. Team-Specific Names: Tailor your team name to support a specific club. For example, “Anfield Warriors” or “Emirates United.”
  4. Fantasy Themes: Incorporate elements of fantasy or mythology. You could go with “The Goalkeepers of Valhalla” or “The Wandering Wizards.”
  5. Football Jargon: Utilize football-related terms to create a unique name. Consider “The Offside Trappers” or “Midfield Maestros.”
  6. Inside Jokes: If you have a group of friends participating, create a team name based on an inside joke or shared experience.

Remember to keep it lighthearted and have fun with your team name. It’s an opportunity to showcase your creativity and show your love for the game.

14 Best & Funny FPL team names (rated by us)

  1. Rice Rice Bebe
  2. Top Dier
  3. Kepa Clean Sheet
  4. Flying Without Ings
  5. No Kane, No Gain
  6. Willian Dollar Baby
  7. Absolutely Fabregas
  8. Game of Throw-Ins
  9. How I Met Your Mata
  10. Ctrl + Alt + De Laet
  11. Haven’t Jota Clue
  12. The Kouyate Kid
  13. Ayew joking
  14. Kroos Control

List of other great FPL team names

For your inspiration, we collected some good FPL team names and put them in the list.

  1. For Fuchs Sake
  2. Sarri Not Sarri
  3. Pique Blinders
  4. Rice Rice Bebe
  5. Hakuna Mateta
  6. Top Dier
  7. Best Ings In Life Are Free
  8. Kepa Clean Sheet
  9. Cameroon Diaz
  10. No Kane, No Gain
  11. Luke KyleWalker
  12. Krul and the Gang
  13. Jurgener Believers
  14. Gangster’s Allardyce
  15. Come Digne With Me
  16. Tea & Busquets
  17. Obi-Wan Iwobi
  18. Expected Toulouse
  19. Willian Dollar Baby
  20. Game of Stones
  21. How I Met Your Mata
  22. Lord of the Ings
  23. Guns ’N Moses
  24. Flying Without Ings
  25. Lallanas in Pyjamas
  26. Things can only get Becker
  27. Silva lining
  28. Me, My Delph and I
  29. Hotel? Thiago
  30. Werner Bros
  31. Chicken Tikka Mo Salah
  32. Lingardium Leviosa
  33. It’s Getting Messi
  34. Stranger Mings
  35. Hit the Targett
  36. Show Me The Toney!
  37. Alisson Wonderland
  38. Jean Claude Van Dijk
  39. Alfa Romeu
  40. Back of the Neto
  41. Neves Say Never
  42. Never Going Toulouse
  43. You Kante be Serious
  44. Stay Hydrated, Drinkwater
  45. Living in Allardyce
  46. Backstreet Moyes
  47. Drinkwater Not Koke
  48. A.Wengers Endgame
  49. Cancelo Culture
  50. Alli or Nothing
  51. Albrighton the Night
  52. Catch me if you Kane
  53. Tim is Krul
  54. Salt & Pépé
  55. My Little Toney
  56. Bruno Dos Tres
  57. Shaw must go on
  58. The Konate Kid
  59. Ayew joking
  60. You Jota be jokin me

Team names according to your favorite Premier League squad

Manchester City

  • Haalanders
  • Haalaland
  • WalkinWithWalker
  • CanceloCancellers
  • Ake’Breakers
  • JAlvarezJazz
  • Rúben’s Raiders
  • StonesRollinScores
  • Ake’n’Bake
  • Stones’n’Rolls
  • WalkerTexasRangers
  • Rúben’sRubies


  • ArrizaBagels
  • SterlingSilver
  • SilvaLining
  • ChilwellChillers
  • James’Gems
  • EnzoEndzone


  • Arnold’s Armada
  • AlissonWonderland
  • Szoboszlai Soiree
  • Dijk’s Dancers
  • Darwin’s Evolution
  • Jota’s Jokers
  • Salah-vation Army

Manchester United

  • Shaw Thing FC
  • Case of Miró
  • Ayew Shaw


  • Ode to Ødegaard
  • MartinellisMartini
  • White Lightning
  • Eddie’s Nketi-Ah!


  • Maddison Square
  • Forster and Furious
  • Son-shine Squad
  • Sarr-castic Spurs


  • JoelinTONE
  • Watts in the Box
  • Willock-n-Load
  • Manquillo’s Magpies
  • Targett Market
  • Longstaff Legion

Aston Villa

  • Astonishing Villa
  • Villans’ Victory
  • Chamber of Secrets
  • Bailey’s Comet
  • MingSingAlong
  • Cash and Dash
  • Luiz’s Booze Cruise
  • Cashing In Goals
  • Ming’s Dynasty


  • MadeOfSteele
  • Gross Income
  • Welbeck in Time
  • Grossly Talented
  • Marching Solly-ders
  • Estupiñacolada

West Ham

  • Rice to the Top
  • Rice’n Shine
  • Hammering Ings
  • Ings n’ Jingles


  • Da Silva Lining
  • Wissards
  • Pinnockolada
  • Mee Myself and I

Crystal Palace

  • Eze Peasy Lemon Squeezy
  • Ayew Kidding Me
  • Ayew Serious


  • Give Mee Moore
  • Billing’s Billionaires

70+ Creative Fantasy Football Team Names for your inspiration

  1. All The Way Up
  2. Tiki Taka Titans
  3. The Goal Diggers
  4. Net Busters
  5. Penalty Kings
  6. Defending Demons
  7. Wembley Wonders
  8. FPL Magicians
  9. Top Corner Crew
  10. Pitch Invaders
  11. Fantasy All-Stars
  12. Goal Rushers
  13. Tactical Tinkerers
  14. Clean Sheet Pros
  15. Fantasy Fanatics
  16. FPL Phenoms
  17. Midfield Maestros
  18. Backline Bandits
  19. Hat-Trick Heroes
  20. Captain Connoisseurs
  21. Bench Boost Brigade
  22. Chip Chasers
  23. Wildcard Wizards
  24. Transfer Titans
  25. Head-to-Head Heroes
  26. Set Piece Masters
  27. Goalkeeping Gurus
  28. Fantasy Gaffers
  29. Red Card Rebels
  30. Dream Team Builders
  31. Injured Reserve Squad
  32. Deadline Day Darlings
  33. Winning XI
  34. Attacking Avengers
  35. Defensive Dominators
  36. Clean Sheet Kings
  37. Goal Machine Gang
  38. Captain Courageous
  39. Fantasy Warriors
  40. FPL Legends
  41. Midfield Masters
  42. Attacking Aces
  43. Tactical Troopers
  44. Fantasy Fever
  45. Goal Blitzers
  46. FPL Dreamers
  47. Pitch Perfection
  48. Tactical Tacticians
  49. FPL Dynamos
  50. Captain Choices
  51. Fantasy Flames
  52. Deadline Dynamos
  53. Point Collectors
  54. Midweek Marvels
  55. Injury-Free Eleven
  56. Clean Sheet Champs
  57. Goal Scoring Geniuses
  58. Fantasy Fan Club
  59. Assist Architects
  60. Squad Rotators
  61. Fantasy Formation
  62. Defense Destroyers
  63. Fantasy Firepower
  64. Midfield Maestros
  65. Tactical Thinkers
  66. Fantasy Field Marshals
  67. Deadline Day Delight
  68. Winning Wonders
  69. FPL Fortune
  70. Formation Fanatics
  71. Goal Guardians
  72. XI Gladiators
  73. Squad Shufflers
  74. Midfield Marvels
  75. Tactical Titans
  76. Fantasy Fireworks
  77. Ultimate XI

My team name

Each year, I select the same team name for FPL, Fantasy Champions League or World Cup/Euro Fantasy. And that is Mateho XI – I know that it is very simple, basic. But its a combination of my nickname and reference to the movie Ocean’s Eleven. My friends can easily identify my team in every fantasy football competition.

Can you change your FPL team name?

Do not worry, you can change the name of your Fantasy Premier League team during the season.

How to change FPL team name?

If you wish to change your team name after you registered:

  1. Go to Pick Team/My team 
  2. Find My Team’s kit section in the right panel.
  3. Click on Design your kit and change your team name.

For a detailed guide (with screenshots) on changing the team name, check our article: How to change FPL team name?

Other resources

Still have not found the best FPL team name for your XI? Check other resources as well:

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