Fantasy Premier League Clean Sheet Odds GW6

Which teams are most likely to keep a clean sheet in the following round of Fantasy Premier League? We regularly convert bookies clean sheet odds into probabilities to find out. We use our Odds to probability calculator in order to do that.

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Clean Sheet Odds for Premier League GW6

You can find clean sheet odds for Fantasy Premier League GW6 in the table below.

TeamClean Sheet Odds
Leicester45 %
Liverpool44 %
Everton42 %
Manchester United41 %
Brighton33 %
Arsenal32 %
Southampton30 %
Watford29 %
Crystal Palace29 %
Chelsea28 %
Manchester City28 %
Wolves27 %
Tottenham25 %
Newcastle24 %
West Ham21 %
Leeds19 %
Burnley14 %
Norwich14 %
Brentford11 %
Aston Villa9 %

Based on these odds, bookies expect 5.45 clean sheets in gameweek 6. In last season, we were used to a rate of 5.89 per clean sheets gameweek. So far this season we have seen 6.6 clean sheets per gameweek.

We can say we are in a phase of DEFENSIVE OVERPERFORMANCE because we have seen more clean sheets than we should have.

Expected Clean Sheets

In the table below, you will find expected clean sheets for all Premier League teams. They are calculated from bookies clean sheet odds. If a team has a clean sheet probability of 33% in a certain gameweek, it means that he has 0.33 expected clean sheets in that gameweek. 

The Expected Clean Sheets column represents the sum of expected clean sheets through all gameweeks in this season. It represents how many clean sheets teams should have based on bookies odds.

Clean Sheets are the actual numbers of clean sheets that teams have kept this season.

Delta is the difference between expected clean sheets and actual clean sheets. It helps to spot defensive under/overperforming teams.

Expected Clean Sheets table after GW5

TeamExpected Clean SheetsClean SheetsDelta
Manchester City2.44-1.6
Aston Villa1.352-0.65
Crystal Palace0.822-1.18
Manchester United1.8910.89
West Ham1.3610.36

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