Best Goalkeepers to pick in UCL Fantasy Matchday 6 (2023/24)

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In this article, we will look at the best goalkeepers to pick for your Fantasy Champions League team in Matchday 6.

This article is part of the series: Fantasy Champions League Matchday 6: Tips, Best Picks & Captain

We will explore goalkeepers at each price option: budget enablers, midpriced picks and premium options.

Budget Goalkeepers for Matchday 6 (2023/24)

Inaki Pena (4.0m, Barcelona) – 6/10

  • Ter Stegen will undergo surgery
  • Inaki Pena should start again in MD6
  • budget enabler for those on regular wildcard in MD6, or for those who have Ederson or Sommer and are worried they could be rotated again
  • 38 % clean sheet odds

Alex Remiro (4.1m, Real Sociedad) – 6/10

  • The bargain
  • one of very few starting 4m goalkeepers in UCL Fantasy,
  • OK group for keeping clean sheets
  • but “only” 18 % probability of keeping a CS in MD6

Note: Riznyk from Sachtar Doneck is another starting 4m goalkeeper.

Dubravka (4.5m, Newcastle) – 4/10

  • budget enabler so far, while Nick Pope is out until March with shoulder injury
  • 35 % probability of keeping a clean sheet in MD6 against AC Milan
  • no team scored fewer goals than AC Milan (3) this Champions League season

Yann Sommer (4.5m, Inter) – 2/10

  • not really an option for MD6
  • Inter rotated heavily for Matchday 5, and they could do that again in MD6
  • But he will be an option for Round of 16 for sure

Blaswich (4.5m, Leipzig) – 4/10

  • An option for MD6 when Leipzig faces Young Boys
  • although Leipzig kept only 2 clean sheets in the previous Champions League campaign, and 0 in the current one
  • Leipzig with 39 % probability of keeping a clean sheet in MD6

Mid Priced Goalkeepers for Matchday 6 (2023/24)

Alex Meret (4.9m, Napoli) – 4/10

  • Napoli with good fixture, 3rd for clean sheet odds for MD6
  • But they kept just 1 clean sheet in the current UCL campaign

Kepa Arrizabalaga (5.0m, Real Madrid) – 5/10

  • Kepa should be back in MD6 after injury
  • Courtois is out with long-term injury
  • Kepa could repeat Courtois’s performances from previous seasons, who always ended up season among top-scoring goalkeepers and among goalkeepers with the most saves
  • set and forget pick for managers who do not aim to actively manage their UCL Fantasy teams
  • He could get points for savs even if Real Madrid do not keep a clean sheet
  • Real with tougher fixture in MD6, 27 % clean sheet odds, you would have to rely more on save points

David Raya (5.0m, Arsenal) – 8/10

  • we will know whether he starts before the deadline, as there are worries Ramsdale could get a chance in UCL in MD6, when Arsenal already have 1st spot secured
  • He is great at save points
  • Arsenal has good group for clean sheets
  • Arsenal is solid defensively in Premier League as well

Premium Goalkeepers for Matchday 6 (2023/24)

Diogo Costa (5.5m, Porto) – 5/10

  • we must mention this penalty-saving hero from the previous UCL Fantasy campaign, when he saved 3 penalties in the group stage
  • But can he do it again?
  • Despite penalties being the main sources of his points in the last campaign, Porto managed to keep 4 clean sheets in 8 matches as well
  • Good at saves, Costa was averaging 3.88 saves per match in the last season
  • Clean sheet potential in MD6, Porto 3rd for clean sheet odds in MD6 alongside Napoli

Oblak (6.0m, Atletico Madrid) – 7/10

  • definitely an option for those on limitless chip in MD6
  • good at saves
  • Atletico Madrid top for clean sheet odds (43 %) alongside Man. City in Matchday 6

Ederson (6.0m, Manchester City) – 2/10

  • He is not an option for us, he was rotated in MD5. and we worry that it could happen in MD6 – we just do not take that risk
  • each season, we have Manchester City defenders or goalkeepers on our teams
  • Ederson is a safe goalkeeper pick, although City’s defense is not as reliable lately as we were used to
  • with so many question marks among their defenders (we are not sure who will start), Ederson is likely the only nailed player in City’s defense
  • Manchester City is not allowing many saves against, so you must rely on points from clean sheets and not from save
  • Good group for clean sheets
  • A higher price tag is a minus

Our best goalkeeper picks

Our recommended goalkeeper combo for the Matchday 6:

  • As it stands our current combo is: Raya (if confirmed in starting XI before the deadline) + Pena. Both play on different days and have good fixtures with high clean-sheet potential in MD6.

Now, let’s look at things you should consider when picking the best goalkeepers to your UCL Fantasy team.

Tips for picking the best goalkeepers for your UCL Fantasy team

With goalkeepers, you always want a keeper that has a very high chance of a clean sheet.

But what is crucial, it is to have two playing goalkeepers – one that plays on Tuesday and one that plays on Wednesday.

That way, if your Tuesday’s goalkeeper did not score enough points (we use 4 points as our threshold) you can replace him with a goalkeeper that is yet to play on Wednesday.

This will help you maximize the UCL Fantasy points gained from your goalkeepers. Also, when considering a goalkeeper for your UCL Fantasy team, you always have to take a look at fixtures and asses whether a certain keeper has the potential for a clean sheet. Does he have a tough or easy fixture?

You can use our Champions League Clean Sheets Odds to find teams, who are most likely to keep a clean sheet in the next round of Champions League.

And do not forget to consider goalkeepers who are good at saves or penalty saves. You can find which goalkeepers made the most saves in the previous season in our article: Goalkepeers with the most saves in UCL Fantasy.

Now let’s look at goalkeepers at each price option: budget enablers, midpriced picks and premium options.

Here is our watchlist.

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