What is bench boost in FPL and how it works?

what is bench boost how it works fpl

Success in Fantasy Premier League hinges on strategic decision-making and the ability to maximize points through careful planning. An important part of this strategy involves the use of chips, such as the Bench Boost. In this comprehensive guide, we will explain what bench boost is, how it works and how can FPL managers make the most of this powerful chip.

What is bench boost in Fantasy Premier League?

The Bench Boost chip allows managers to include points earned by all 15 players in their squad for one gameweek. This means that even the players on the bench, who would not typically contribute to your score, will have their points added to your total. When deployed correctly and at the right time, bench boost can help managers gain a short-term competitive edge over their mini-league rivals.

How to activate bench boost in FPL?

We have a separate guide with screenshots on this topic: How to activate bench boost in PFL?

Bench Boost limitations

  1. One-time use per season: Each FPL manager can use the Bench Boost chip only once per season. Read more in our article: How many boost chips we get in FPL?
  2. No simultaneous use with other chips: You cannot activate Bench Boost in conjunction with any other chips, such as Wildcard, Triple Captain or Free Hit, in the same Gameweek.

Preparing Your Squad for Bench Boost

  • Selecting budget-friendly players with high potential: When planning for the Bench Boost, focus on choosing affordable players who have the potential to score points in their upcoming fixtures. Focus mainly on regular starters. If they score more than 2 points, it can be considered as a success. Read more: What is a good score from bench boost in FPL?
  • Identifying in-form substitutes: Keep an eye on players who are performing well and could make a significant impact off the bench.
  • Cheap defenders with high clean sheet odds: You can have cheap (4.5 million) defenders on your bench who are high clean sheet probability. They are cheap and can get you an occasional clean sheet.
  • Avoiding overloading on one team: Spread your bench across multiple teams to minimize risk and maximize opportunities for points.
  • Team form and player availability: Make sure your players are not struggling with injuries, and suspensions, which could result in less than 15 starters in your FPL team.

When is the best time to use bench boost in FPL?

The best time to use Bench Boost is usually during a Double Gameweek, when certain teams have two fixtures in a one gameweek. This increases the chances of your players earning more points.

We covered this topic more in-depth with tips about timing in our article: When to use bench boost in FPL?

Mistakes to avoid when using the bench boost

  • Using Bench Boost too early in the season: Be patient and avoid activating Bench Boost too soon. Instead, wait for an opportunity time, such as a Double Gameweek or a single gameweek with great fixtures, to maximize its potential.
  • Not monitoring fixture schedules: Keep a close eye on upcoming fixtures and potential Double Gameweeks, as these provide the best opportunities to use Bench Boost. Read more: When is the next double gameweek in FPL?
  • Overlooking team form and player availability: Ensure your players are in good form and available for selection, as this will increase the likelihood of a successful Bench Boost.


Understanding how the bench boost works in FPL is crucial to maximizing its potential and improving your overall FPL performance. By focusing on strategic planning, proper squad management, and the optimal timing for activating Bench Boost, you can gain a significant advantage in your quest for FPL success. Remember to stay flexible and adapt your FPL strategy as the season progresses, and you’ll be well on your way to climbing the FPL rankings.

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