Premier League Teams With The Most Points in FPL

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In order to provide a comprehensive analysis, we will be utilizing data from the past three seasons of the Fantasy Premier League. This data includes every point scored by every player in every match, which we will then aggregate to determine the total points scored by each team.

This approach allows us to account for variations in team performance across different seasons and provides a more accurate picture of a team’s potential for scoring fantasy points.

The Premier League teams with the most points over last 3 seasons

Here is the table of teams, whose players scored the most in FPL in the last 3 years.

  • AVG Points Per Sesason – Average of total points scored by a team over the past 3 seasons
  • STDEV of Points Per Season – Standard deviation of total points scored by a team over the past 3 seasons
TeamAVG Points Per SesasonSTDEV of Points Per Season
Man City214687.94
Man Utd1727.67137.94
West Ham1603.3371.77
Aston Villa1600.6778.4
Crystal Palace147498.66
Nott'm Forest13810
West Brom12540
Sheffield Utd10560

After analyzing the data, we will highlight the teams (Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea) that have consistently scored the most fantasy points over the past three seasons. These teams are often characterized by a strong attacking style of play, a solid defense, and key players who regularly contribute to goals and assists.

However, it’s important to remember that past performance is not always indicative of future results, and various factors such as transfers, injuries, and changes in team management can significantly impact a team’s ability to score fantasy points.

How to use this information in FPL

Understanding which teams score the most fantasy points can help you understand which teams you should focus on the most when selecting players for your FPL squad.

However, it’s equally important to balance your team with standout players from other teams. For instance, a talisman from a mid-table team might outscore a player from a top-scoring team due to their individual performances. Therefore, while you should aim to have a core group of players from high-scoring teams, don’t overlook the potential of players from other teams.

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