Best Goalkeepers to pick in Fantasy World Cup R16 (MD4)

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In this article, we will look at the best goalkeepers to pick for your FIFA World Cup Fantasy team in Round of 16 – Matchday 4.

We will look at goalkeepers at each price options: budget enablersmidpriced picks and premium options for our fantasy teams with unlimited transfers before R16.

Budget goalkeepers for Round 16

Andries Noppert (4.5m, Netherlands)

  • two clean sheets already
  • collected a point for saves in all three matchdays so far
  • so Noppert has a bit higher points ceiling than just a 6-pointer when keeping a clean sheet
  • Netherlands with a 40% probability of a clean sheet in the Round of 16
  • You can pair him up with a premium goalkeeper
  • Netherlands plays the first match of the R16, so if Noppert will not deliver, you can sub him out for a premium keeper with higher clean sheet odds

Premium goalkeepers for Round of 16

Pickford (5.5m, England)

  • England kept the most clean sheets at EURO 2020 and with two clean sheets in Group Stage continues in their solid defensive performances in World Cup 2022 as well
  • You will need England defensive coverage in R16 and Pickford could be the one to go for
  • According to bookies’ odds, they have a 54% chance of keeping a clean sheet against Senegal
  • Not as expensive as Allison or Lloris, so you can use 0.5m elswhere

Emiliano Darmian Martinez (5.5m, Argentina)

  • Cannot be overlooked
  • Argentina is improving their performance in the attack and defense as well in every match
  • We know from FPL, that Martinez get points for saves as well
  • So far Argentina is top for clean sheet probability in R16 with a stunning 65% clean sheet odds
  • Argentina has likely the best fixture in R16 (however we all have been there before MD1)

Lloris (6m, France)

  • Bookies expected France to keep 1.56 clean sheets in the group stage – the most from all teams, but they failed to keep even one
  • However, we know from FPL and UCL that Lloris is good at collecting save points and at saving occasional penalty as well, so you would not have to rely solely on clean sheet points with him.
  • France with 57 % probability of keeping a clean sheet against Poland
  • However, based on France defensive performance and his price tag, there are currently better goalkeepers for R16 – cheaper and with similar clean sheet odds

Allison (6.0m, Brazil)

  • Safe pick
  • Can get points for clean sheet, saves, and potentially assists as well (as we know from FPL)
  • Brazil with high clean sheet probability in every match they play
  • Two clean sheets in two matches so far

Our current goalkeeper combination for Round of 16

Our current combination is: Noppert + Pickford.

Best goalkeepers for Matchday 3

Sergio Rochet (4.0m, Uruguay)

Sergio Rochet is the cheapest of Uruguay goalkeepers in the Fantasy game but started 8 of 9 Uruguay matches in 2022. We started in Matchday 1, kept a clean sheet and we expect him to start in Matchday 3 as well. Uruguay has a quite favorable Group H and in Matchday 3, they face Ghana which is a favorable fixture for a clean sheet (42 % clean sheet probability).

However, before the Group Stage, bookies expected Uruguay to keep 1.08 clean sheets in the Group Stage. Perhaps we got that one clean sheet in Matchday 1 already. But let’s see what the Law of Large numbers prepared for us in MD3, as deviations from the expected values are very common in such a small sample size.

Ochoa (5.0m, Mexico)

  • great performance in Matchday 1 against Poland, than weaker performance against Argentina
  • can get points for saves or penalty saves as well
  • Mexico still have something to play for
  • 45 % probability of keeping a clean sheet against Saudi Arabia

Schmeichel (5.0, Denmark)

  • Danes with good fixture but they will have to go for a win if they want to advance to R16
  • 48 % probability of keeping a clean sheet according to bookies odds

Manuel Neuer (6.0, Germany)

  • good fixture in Matchday 3 given Costa Rica weak offensive display so far
  • Germany second best for clean sheet odds in MD3
  • 59 % probability of keeping a CS
  • Germany will go for a win

If you are looking for other options for other Matchdays or the whole group stage of the Fantasy World Cup, check out these goalkeepers as well.

Other goalkeepers to pick in Fantasy World Cup

Although we have 3.5 million goalkeepers in the game, non of them is regularly starting goalkeeper for their nation, so we start at 4.0 million bracket. And we do not recommend to have your backup keeper 3.5 million non-starter, as that would mean that you cannot use substitution on your goalkeeper in case your number 1 will not keep a clean sheet.

Dahmen (4.0m, Tunisia)

  • great budget enabler for those wildcarding in Matchday 2, but not a good pick for MD3
  • solid defensive performance against Denmark
  • but you get what you pay for so do not be surprised, if they concede

Gonda (4.0m, Japan)

  • another budget goalkeeper for Matchday 2

But we have some interesting 4.0 million picks there…

Apart from Rocket, these are other starting 4.0 million goalkeepers:

  • Al Sheeb (Qatar)
  • Galindez (Ecuador)
  • Vanja Milinkovič (Serbia) an option as well

Other interesting options at 4.5m:

  • Turner (USA) – OK fixtures in MD1 and MD3 for potential clean sheets
  • Ryan (Australia) – a good option for MD2
  • Hennessey – should be Wales no. 1 GK, good fixture against Iran in MD2

Diogo Costa (5.0m, Portugal)

You should aim to bring a goalkeeper who has a high chance of a clean sheet in every match – and that are usually nations who are favorites to win their group. And Portugal is definitely a favorite Group H. That is one of the reasons why we like Diogo Costa as a backup goalkeeper for World Cup Fantasy group stage (backup because Portugal always play on last day of matchday, so you would play another goalkeeper ahead of him and then sub Costa in).

On the top of that, he was top scoring goalkeeper in UCL Fantasy where he manage to save three penalties in three matchdays in a row. Portugal are 4th in our table for expected clean sheets in group stage as bookies predicted them to keep 1.47 clean sheets in MD1, MD2 & MD3 (only England, Argentina and France are expected to keep more clean sheets).

Dominic Livakovič (5.0m, Croatia)

  • Croatia had solid defense in Nations League A (6 goals conceded in 6 matches against tough oppositions) and World Cup qualification (4 goals conceded in 10 matches)
  • It is not only about the fixture, Livakovič showed in UCL Fantasy that he can collect points for saves as well

Other interesting options at 5m:

  • Sommer (Switzerland) – good pick in MD3 against Serbia

Wojciech Szczesny (5.5m, Poland)

  • Poland are yet to concede at the World Cup
  • Szczesny can get points for saves and penalty saves as well

Other 5.5m goalkeepers to consider: 

  • Unai Simon (Spain) – solid Spain defence, but tough MD2 fixture against Germany, one to consider for MD3 wildcard

Other 6m goalkeepers to consider: 

  • Courtois (Belgium) – one of the best GK in the world currently. Save points machine from UCL Fantasy. But will Belgium defence be solid enough to keep 2 clean sheets in the group stage?

How to pick best goalkeepers into your World Cup fantasy team

  • With goalkeepers, you always want a keeper that has a very high chance of a clean sheet. You can use our World Cup 2022 Clean Sheets Odds to find nations, who are most likely to keep a clean sheet in Matchday 1.
  • It is also best to have two playing goalkeepers – Both who play on a different time so you could use substitution if the first one will not keep a clean sheet. (If their match starts on the same time, they both will be locked at the same time so you couldn’t make substitutions)
  • That way, if the goalkeeper who plays earlier does not score enough points (we use 4 points as our threshold) you can replace him with a goalkeeper that is yet to play on another day.
  • This will help you maximize the World Cup points gained from your goalkeepers.
  • Also, when considering a goalkeeper for your fantasy team, you always have to take a look at fixtures and asses whether a certain keeper has the potential for a clean sheet. Does he have a tough or easy fixture? And as we mentioned, our clean sheet odds will help you with that.
  • Also, asses saves potential of a goalkeeper you would like to pick
  • Not sure how are goalkeepers scoring points in Fantasy World Cup? Check our article: How are points awarded in World Cup Fantasy?
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