Best Forwards to pick in Fantasy World Cup R16 (MD4)

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In this article, we will look at the best forwards to pick for your Fantasy World Cup team in the Round of 16 – Matchday 4.

We look at each price bracket: budget forwards, midpriced picks, and premium options. We will update the article against based on which teams will go to R16

Budget forwards for Round of 16

Mathew Lackie (4.5m, Australia)

  • one of very few 4.5m forwards left in the game
  • involved in 2 of 3 Australia goals at World Cup
  • 4G + 1A in World Cup qualification
  • But tough fixture
  • And with only 3 precious forward spots in our fantasy team you do not waste one of them on 4.5m forwards
  • Probably only good option if for some reason you need to go big in midfield and going for 4.5m forward is your only option

Alvarez (6.5m, Argentina)

  • after encouraging performance and a goal in Matchday 3, he is pushing for a start in R16
  • differential, selected only by 1.2%

Midpriced forwards for Round of 16

Gakpo (7m, Netherlands)

  • Alongside Klaassen the key man for Netherlands at World Cup
  • Scored in each match, and in his current form he is undroppable
  • Solid fixture, Netherlands are favorites against USA
  • Although had 3 goals from 4 shots and very low xG what might be unsustainable

Marcus Rahsford (7.5m, England)

  • pushing for a start in R16 after superb performance and brace in Matchday 3
  • with only 0.4% ownership differential for R16
  • We are awarded four free transfers at the start of R16, so even if he is benched, you can use one of those transfers to transfer him out. Could be a good strategy especially if you saved your wildcard for Quarterfinals

Giroud (7.5m, France)

  • after rest in MD3, we should see him starting again
  • bit overlooked after blank in MD2 and rest in MD3
  • if you aim to double up on France’s attack, Mbappe + Giroud could be the way to go

Memphis Depay (8.5m, Netherlands)

  • finally started for Netherlands
  • Potential differential in R16
  • he is a talisman
  • But with only 3 forwards spot, you will likely can go only Gakpo or Depay, not both

Premium forwards for Round of 16

Messi (10.5m, Argentina)

  • You cannot go wrong with Messi, with Argentina fixture, he is a no-brainer
  • with 68 % the most-owned player in the game by a big margin
  • Argentina with good performance against Poland
  • captaincy candidate in the Round of 16

Mbappe (11.5, France)

  • France had very strong offensive performances against Australia and Denmark, you just need their attackers in R16
  • well rested
  • Excellent underlying stats (most shots and shots on target as well so far)
  • one of the best players at this World Cup

Best forwards for Matchday 3 at each price bracket

Salem Aldawsari (4.5m, Saudi Arabia)

  • A key forward for Saudi Arabia
  • scored in Matchday 1 against Argentina, missed a penalty against Poland
  • The toughest fixture is now behind Saudi Arabia, they still have a chance of advancing to R16 so we expect solid performance from them against Mexico
  • Aldawsari is on penalties as well

Enner Valencia (6.5, Ecuador)

  • superb performances this World Cup so far
  • heavily involved in Ecuador’s attack
  • 3 goals in two matches so far
  • a relatively good fixture against Senegal, where we could see goals at both sides

Taremi (7m, Iran)

  • talisman for Iran, already with 2G + 1A in Group Stage
  • Iran with surprising performances at this world cup so far
  • Outstanding form in the Champions League for Porto and he brought his form to the World Cup as well. He was great asset to own in UCL Fantasy
  • the most important match for Iran, if they win against USA, they will advance to R16

Mitrovič (7.0m, Serbia)

  • talisman for Serbia, when they score, he will likely be involved
  • On penalties as well.
  • Fixtures are improving for Serbia after Matchday 1 when they faced Brazil
  • an option against Switzerland as well, but we have so many good options among forwards, that he will likely remain overlooked in MD3

Richarlison (7.5m, Brazil)

  • great performance against Serbia, he might keep Jesus benched
  • potentially the main man in Brazil attack after Neymar’s injury,
  • captaincy option for the last day of Matchday 3 (backup captain if your first one will not deliver)

Son Heung Min (8.5m, Korea Republic)

  • another talisman a key man for his nation
  • We know from FPL, that he is an explosive fantasy asset
  • Tougher fixture against Portugal, but their defense have been shaky so there could be goals at both ends

These picks are intended solely for Matchday 3. However, if you have you are looking for other forwards that you might overlook, here are other good picks:

Other forwards to pick in Fantasy World Cup

4.5m – 6.5m bracket

  • Almoez Ali (4.5m, Qatar) – budget enabler, should start for Qatar, you can sub him off if he will not deliver. Do not expect much from him, he is priced like that for a reason. His teammate Akram Afif is an opinion as well at this price point. But we have just 3 forward spots and there is a lot more value among other forwards. Lackie (Australia) is another 4.5m option.
  • Estrada (5m, Ecuador) – Ecuador’s top scorer in Qualification, good fixture in MD1, you can sub him off when he does not deliver
  • Jonathan David (6.0m, Canada) – 9G + 4A assists for Canada in Qualifiers. But Canada has a tough Group F and if you picked Davies into your defense, you do not want to double up on their attack
  • Batschuayi (6.5m, Belgium) – concerns about Lukaku being fit for MD1 made Batschuayi an interesting option. But wait for some news.
  • Ismaila Sarr (6.5m, Senegal) – Sarr was a key man for Senegal’s attack in Matchday 1 against Netherlands. Should be on penalties as well.

7m – 8.5 m bracket

  • Suarez (7.5m, Uruguay) – kindly priced, still the key man for Uruguay – their top scorer in qualification with 8 goals
  • Gareth Bale (8.0m, Wales) – another talisman that cannot be overlooked, Wales top scorer in Qulaification

9m – 11.5m bracket

  • Ronaldo (10.0m, Portugal) – cannot be overlooked. We all know how good he is. Likely his last World Cup, so he will do his best. Potential 12th man in MD1.
  • Lewandowski (10.0m, Poland) – talisman, potential 12th man in MD2 (if you did not use it in MD1)

How to pick best forwards to your Fantasy World Cup team

Also, let’s dive into come criteria when picking the best forwards for your World Cup fantasy team.

When picking strikers into your squad, you should consider:

  • Historically, forwards are the best captains in the games like World Cup Fantasy: Fantasy Champions League, EURO Fantasy…
  • Make sure you have two great captaincy options among forwards – both who play on different time so you can change captaincy when the first one fails to deliver
  • Pick forwards who are in form and have easy fixture – this will allow you to maximize points potential from your captain
  • Consider probabilities when picking forwards. Let bookies any time goalscorer odds to help you with that. You can find them here: World Cup 2022 Goalscoring Odds.
  • Forwards are awarded 5 points for goals Fantasy World Cup what makes them more attractive than idfielders when it comes to captaincy. So this fantasy game is likely going to be about forwards, but we have just 3 precious spots. Read more on how are points awarded in world cup fantasy.
  • Also, forwards will get extra one point for every 2 shots on target,so do not overlook forwards who shoots often. You can see our list of forwards who have the most shots on target here.
  • Think about structure. For example, you could go:
    • 11.5 m – main captain option
    • 10m – backup captain
    • 7m – in-form differential with an easy fixture, a talisman for his nation
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  1. Hey what’d you think of a set of Messi, Kane, Richarlison? I am also considering Gakpo as an alternative budget option given Depay’s injury

    1. I am a bit worried about Richarlison’s minutes as there are rumors that Jesus could start ahead of him. Their minutes will be shared that’s for sure. But Mess + Kane + 6.5-7.5 FWD seems fine structure

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