Who is the best 12th Man in Matchday 3?

world cup 2022 fantasy 12th man explained

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What is 12th Man chip?

12th Man is one of three boosters in World Cup 2022 Fantasy and it allows you to pick one additional player to score points for your squad in a given matchday. Budget and formations restrictions do not count here and you can pick absolutely any player from any team to be your 12th Man. The twelfth man, once selected, cannot be captained, substituted or transferred out.

When is the best time to use 12th Man in World Cup Fantasy?

Because you can pick any player from any team as your twelfth man, it makes the biggest sense to use this booster in a matchday where we have many good fixtures – a matchday where many heavy hitters play against whipping boys. Basically, the best time is in a group stage where many crazy scores can happen.

You can use it on a player, that you do not want in your team in all 3 matchdays but on one matchday he has such a good fixture that you just need him in your squad.

Good time to use it could be in Matchday 1 (Mbappe, Kane, Ronaldo, Messi..) because of good fixtures and then you might play your wildcard in MD2 and power captain in MD3 or finals.

Should you use the 12th man booster in Matchday 3?

If you still have your 12th man booster in Matchday 3, use it now. After the group stage there, half of the teams gets eliminated (especially the whipping boys), so there will be smaller points potential in the knockout stage.

If you want to catch a haul with your booster, use it in Matchday 3.

But Matchday 3 is going to be full of rotation, so make sure you pick a player that is likely to play (his team has not secured a spot for R16). There is a lot of uncertainties about France, Brazil and Germany line up, so we would not go for their player.

For example, you could pick Depay as your 12th man when you see him in starting lineup for the Netherlands or Kane as Southgate hinted, that the England captain will start.

And, of course, do not forget to activate the chip before the deadline! (You cannot activate it during matchday).

And have in mind that once you pick your 12th man, you cannot change him.

Best 12th man for Matchday 3

  1. Depay (if in starting line up – you will know it before the deadline. We think he is the best 12th man – great fixture, talisman and we will know the lineups before the deadline. So for lineups before you activate the booster)
  2. Messi (if you do not have him in your starting XI, what you should)
  3. Kane
  4. Son (still waiting for an attacking return, there could be goals at both ends in the match against Portugal)
  5. Sané (only if you want to go big risk/big reward as we are not sure Sané will start)

Best 12th man for Matchday 2

  1. Lewandowski
  2. Messi
  3. Neymar
  4. Mbappe

Best 12th man for Matchday 1

  1. Mbappe
  2. Kane
  3. Ronaldo

Can you change your 12th man?

Once you activate your 12th man booster, you cannot change it and the player you pick will stay your 12th man without possibility to replace him.

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