World Cup 2022 Fantasy Transfer Rules

world cup 2022 transfer rules

Transfers are a powerful tool in World Cup 2022 Fantasy as they allow you to change your squad between (and during) matchdays. In this article, we will quickly look at transfer rules and how transfers work.

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How many transfers you can make in FIFA World Cup 2022 Fantasy?

On each matchday, you will be awarded a certain number of free transfers, so you can make changes to your squad.

Tournament stageNumber of free transfersNumber of free transfers you can carry to next Matchday
Before the MD1unlimited-
After MD1 starts2 transfers1
After MD2 starts2 transfers1
After MD3 starts2 transfers0
After MD3 ends, before R16 startsunlimited0
After R16 starts4 transfers0
After QF starts5 transfers0
After SF starts5 transfers0
After final (3rd place game) starts6 transfers0

Source: Official guidelines of World Cup Fantasy

During the group stage, you can carry one free transfer to the next round, so you can have a maximum of three free transfers. In the elimination rounds, you cannot carry any transfers to the next round.

When are free transfers awarded in Fantasy World Cup?

Transfers are awarded at the start of each matchday. So:

  • After start of Matchday 1, you are awarded 2 free transfers
  • Afret start of Matchday 2, you are awarded 2 free transfers
  • After start of Matchday 3, you are awarded 2 free transfers

Can you make additional transfers?

Yes, you can make more transfers on each matchday, but each additional transfer will cost you 3 points deduction from your points total.

That is not the number (4 points) that we are used to from FPL or UCL Fantasy. It is just a one-point difference, but it completely changes the way we look at points hits.

When additional transfer costs just 3 points (and we have more routes to points, see: World Cup 2022 Points System) it could be a good strategy to use 3-point hits more often, as it will not deduct so many points from your points total. Especially when it comes to targeting high-ceiling players playing against whipping boys.

Can you take transfers back in World Cup Fantasy?

Once you confirm your transfers, you cannot take them back.

Transfers WITHIN matchday

One of big news for FIFA World Cup 2022 Fantasy is, that you can make transfers AFTER the deadline. So you can bring in players for the current matchday after the first kickoff. HOWEVER, transferred-in player’s points will count for the current matchday only if you transfer out a player who is yet to play and transfer in a player who is yet to play. If either of them already played, the points for  transferred in player will start counting from the next matchday.

The following table from Official Guidelines will help you better understand this:

world cup 2022 fantasy transfer rules
world cup 2022 fantasy transfer rules

Source: Official guidelines of World Cup Fantasy

When to use transfers in FIFA World Cup Fantasy?

  • Use free transfers for tactical purpose, like transferring out injured players, eliminated players, or players who had bad fixtures ahead
  • There are always some injuries and suspensions, so your main use of free transfers will be getting rid of players who do not play
  • Use transfer to bring in players who have high points potential in the next rounds and good fixtures
  • Use transfers to bring in the best captain for the next matchday – captaincy plays a huge role in World Cup Fantasy and you should try to always have the best captaincy option in your team for each matchday
  • Use additional transfers for -3 points to bring in high-ceiling players playing against easy opposition



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  1. Before any of todays matches I transferred out Kane to Sterling (both locked) and Sane to De Bruyne (both unlocked). Kane was my captain before this and still is but I have now lost the points for having him as my captain. Do I need to change captaincy to someone new to earn double points for my captain? Or is this a glitch and I will re-receive my 7 points for having him as my captain?

  2. All players have been locked since this morning and unable to make any transfers . Anyone else got this issue and is there a way to fix it ?

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