Fantasy World Cup: Clean Sheet Odds Round of 16

Which teams are most likely to keep clean sheets at FIFA World Cup 2022? At Fantasy Football Reports, we converted bookies’ clean sheet odds into probabilities to find out using our Odds to probability calculator. On this page, you can find Clean Sheet odds for all World Cup teams and every matchday. Currently, you can find […]

Our Updated Wildcard team for Matchday 3!

Do you aim to use your Wildcard in Matchday 3 of Fantasy World Cup? Here are our wildcard drafts for your inspiration! One for the end of Matchday 2 – for managers who aim to exploit wildcard hack. And of the start of Matchday 3 – for managers who want to exploit all the rotation […]

Goalscoring odds MD3 (World Cup 2022 Fantasy)

Which players are most likely to score a goal in the following round of FIFA World Cup 2022? We converted bookies goalscoring odds into probabilities to find it out. We used our Odds to probability calculator to make the conversion. Do not forget to follow us on Twitter (@FplReports). We regularly post Goalscoring Odds there as well.  Here […]