Our Wildcard team for Matchday 7! (Final)

Do you aim to use your Wildcard in Matchday 7 – Final– of Fantasy World Cup? Here are our wildcard drafts for your inspiration!

Wildcard team for Matchday 7

Our wildcard draft inspiration for people who aim to use this booster in MD7.

fantasy world cup matchday 7 team selection
fantasy world cup matchday 7 team selection
Matej Šuľan

Fantasy Football enthusiast with two top 1k finishes in FPL. Best FPL overall rank: 119th in 2019/20 season. Five top 500 finishes in UCL Fantasy, best overall rank: 23rd in 2018/19 season. Founder of Fantasy Football Reports.

16 thoughts on “Our Wildcard team for Matchday 7! (Final)

  1. Hey, when do you plan on changing the team for MD3? Is the wildcard hack going to still be working after the last game of MD2 but before midnight or?

    Btw; great insights and tips, really helpful!

    1. Yes, the wildcard hack is going to work, but you need to make the changes before MD2 ends – so before midnight of the last day of MD2. But midnight of AST time, so do not forget to convert it into your timezone 🙂 And thanks! We really appreciate it.

      1. That makes sense, we’ll have 5 mins to make the changes. My only concern is will it change the points that are earned during MD2 i.e. won’t the be removed once we sub out the player?

        1. I think it is actually around 7 hours after the end of POR vs URU match, or did I calculate it wrong? If you transfer out or in a locked player, your MD2 points will not be removed. Only issue would be if you transfer out unlocked player and transfer in unlocked player, that way the transfer is immediately active for MD2. Transfers involving locked player are active for MD3.

          1. I think you were looking to Atlantic Standard Time while you need Arabic Standard Time. For Arabic Standard Time game POR URU start 22pm (but I don’t have players from that match so should be fine to transfer during that match).

            Now I understand, the locked players will keep their scores for MD2 even if I remove them, makes sense.

            Thanks for the clarification, any indication on when you might post the final team for MD3?

          2. Yes, you are correct. It is Arabic Standard Time, not Atlantic as I originally thought. I updated the team selection for MD3 just now.

    1. I think it could be Bruno, or Germany midfielder/forward who will be predicted to start against Costa Rica. Or Depay if we see him starting before the deadline. Kane, Ronaldo also options.

          1. Thanks Matej. Now I got 2 players didn’t play (Hernandez, Thuram) but just 1 transfer left. I’m thinking of Bruno or Sonny. Or both and ppay the 3 points? If only one, which would you pick?

          2. I would go for Bruno, but I would wait for the lineups to see him starting before making the move.

  2. Hi!

    I need some help to understand what happen.
    I used the wildcard on md2. Um the end of the matchdat, before the end of the final match, o switch players to improve my team for md3. Yesterday on the end of the match day i scored 78 points, today i have only 70. Do you know what it is going on? Ir i count the points i really score 78.

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