World Cup 2022 Fantasy Deadline Times

world cup fantasy deadline times

The deadline for Matchday 1 of FIFA World Cup 2022 Fantasy Football is at 16:00pm GMT on 20th November 2022.

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Here is the list of deadlines for each matchday:

MatchdayMatchday StageDeadlineMatchday end
Matchday 1Group Stage20th November 16:00pm GMT24th November
Matchday 2Group Stage25th November 10:00am GMT28th November
Matchday 3Group Stage29th November 15:00pm GMT2nd December
Matchday 4Round of 163rd December 15:00pm GMT6th December
Matchday 5Quarterfinals9th December 15:00pm GMT10th December
Matchday 6Semifinals13th December 19:00pm GMT14th December
Matchday 73rd place + Final17th December 15:00pm GMT18th December

Source: Official Guidelines of FIFA World Cup Fantasy

Note: Times are in GMT – if you want to convert times to your local time, you can use for example GMT to Local Time Converter.

Deadline notes

  • Deadlines in World Cup fantasy are at the kickoff of the first game on that Matchday – just as in UCL Fantasy. So, not 90 minutes before kickoff like in FPL.
  • You will know line ups of teams playing first on each matchday, which can help you with your transfers or substitutions as you will know, which players will definitely start from some teams.
  • As we can make transfer within matchdays, you can wait until you know the lineup before you make desired move (if you make transfers between unlocked players. Also make sure you do not lost free transfer by waiting as only 1 transfer can be carried forward in Group Stage).
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