How many wildcards do you get in FPL?

how many wildcards fpl

In this short article, we will look at how many wildcard chips you get in Fantasy Premier League.

This article is a part of our series: What is Wildcard in FPL and how does it work?

The simple answer is: two wildcards per FPL season. So, you can play your wildcard chips two times during the season and you cannot use them in the same gameweek where you deploy other chips like a bench boost, free hit, or triple captain.

  1. The first wildcard is available to play in the first half of the season and GW20 is the last gameweek when you can activate it in the 2023/24 season. Read more: When does the first wildcard expire in FPL?
  2. The second wildcard is available to play in the second half of the season and you can activate it after the GW20 deadline, so in GW21 which opens on 30 December 2023 (Saturday). Read more: When do you get the Second Wildcard in FPL?

Our tip: If possible, avoid using the first wildcard very early in the season – after GW1 or GW2 there is a lot of noise and we barely have enough information about the season. Save it for “fixture swing” (usually between GW5 – GW15) so you can offload players that will have tough fixtures in the upcoming gameweeks and replace them with players with easy fixture run.

Use the second wildcard before double gameweeks (usually between GW25 – GW33), so you can bring in players who can play the most matches in the upcoming gameweeks.

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