When is next FPL Deadline and International Breaks?

next fpl deadline

The deadlines for making changes to your Fantasy Premier League team are one and a half hours (90 minutes) before the kick-off of the first match of each gameweek.

It’s important to note that the dates and times of matches (and therefore deadlines) can sometimes change due to various factors such as television scheduling, weather conditions…

Keep Track of FPL Deadlines

There are several ways to keep track of FPL deadlines. The most straightforward method is to check the FPL website or app, which displays the deadline for the next gameweek prominently. You can find the deadline for each gameweek in the rules of Official FPL. The deadline will be displayed in your local time (unless you use VPN).

Next FPL deadline

If you are asking yourself: “When is the FPL deadline this week?”, just find the nearest gameweek in the table below:

GameweekNotesDeadline (UK Time)
GW 111 Aug 18:30 (Friday)
GW 218 Aug 18:15 (Friday)
GW 325 Aug 18:30 (Friday)
GW 41 Sep 18:30 (Friday)
International Break (4–12 September)
GW 516 Sep 11:00 (Saturday)
UCL Matchday 1 (19-20 September)
GW 623 Sep 13:30 (Saturday)
GW 730 Sep 11:00 (Saturday)
UCL Matchday 2 (3-4 October)
GW 87 Oct 13:30 (Saturday)
International Break (9–17 October)
GW 921 Oct 13:30 (Saturday)
UCL Matchday 3 (24-25 October)
GW 1028 Oct 13:30 (Saturday)
GW 114 Nov 13:30 (Saturday)
UCL Matchday 4 (7-8 November)
GW 1211 Nov 13:30 (Saturday)
International Break (13–21 November)
GW 1325 Nov 13:30 (Saturday)
UCL Matchday 5 (28-29 November)
GW 142 Dec 13:30 (Saturday)
GW 155 Dec 18:15 (Tuesday)
GW 169 Dec 13:30 (Saturday)
UCL Matchday 6 (12-13 December)
FIFA Club World Cup (12 Dec - 22 Dec)
GW 1716 Dec 13:30 (Saturday)
GW 1823 Dec 13:30 (Saturday)
GW 1926 Dec 13:30 (Tuesday)
GW 2030 Dec 13:30 (Saturday)
GW 2113 Jan 13:30 (Saturday)
Winter Break (13 and 20 January 2024)
AFCON start (13 January – 11 February)
GW 2230 Jan 18:15 (Tuesday)
GW 233 Feb 13:30 (Saturday)
GW 2410 Feb 13:30 (Saturday)
UCL R16 1st Leg (13-14 February)
GW 2517 Feb 13:30 (Saturday)
UCL R16 1st Leg (20-21 February)
GW 2624 Feb 13:30 (Saturday)
GW 272 Mar 13:30 (Saturday)
UCL R16 2nd Leg (5-6 March)
GW 289 Mar 13:30 (Saturday)
UCL R16 2nd Leg (12-13 March)
GW 2916 Mar 13:30 (Saturday)
International Break (18–26 March)
GW 3030 Mar 13:30 (Saturday)
GW 312 Apr 18:15 (Tuesday)
GW 326 Apr 13:30 (Saturday)
UCL QF 1st Leg (9-10 April)
GW 3313 Apr 13:30 (Saturday)
UCL QF 2nd Leg (16-17 April)
GW 3420 Apr 13:30 (Saturday)
GW 3527 Apr 13:30 (Saturday)
UCL SF 1st Leg (30 April - 1 May)
GW 364 May 13:30 (Saturday)
UCL SF 2nd Leg (7-8 May)
GW 3711 May 13:30 (Saturday)
GW 3819 May 14:30 (Sunday)
UCL Final (1 June)
UEFA EURO 2024 (14 June – 14 July 2024)
Copa America (20 June – 14 July 2024)

Managing your team before the deadline

Here are a few tips for managing your team effectively:

  • Try to make your transfers and team changes well at least few hours before the deadline to avoid last-minute rushes and server crashes.
  • Keep an eye on the latest football news for information about injuries, suspensions, and team rotations.
  • Consider the long-term fixture schedule when making transfers, not just the next gameweek.

How long does FPL take to update after the deadline?

Normally, FPL takes to update the game approximately 30 – 45 minutes after the deadline. However, the specific timing may vary depending on various factors, such as server load and the complexity of the game week’s matches.



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