How to change formation in FPL?

In this article, we will take a closer look on how you can change the formation of your team in the Fantasy Premier League. What team formations are available in FPL? There are multiple options for how you can field XI players in your fantasy team. Valid formation has to meet these constraints: Exactly 11 […]

FPL Bonus Points System Explained

There is a lot to take in as an FPL player, and understanding the inner workings of the game we all love (and occasionally hate) is sometimes a complex process. It can be further complicated by the bonus points system, which can be rewarding, maddening and confusing in equal measure, especially if you’re not au […]

FPL GW1 Team: Our best draft!

Well, it is here. Fantasy Premier League starts on Friday 5.8.2022. We created many FPL drafrs and now we are going to share with you the best of them. Here is our FPL GW1 team for your inspiration. This draft could, of course, change – we will be updating this page regularly.  So, here it […]

Premier League Set Piece Takers

Which players are on set pieces in the 2022/23 season of FPL? Here is our list of Premier League set piece takers. If you are looking for the list of penalty takers, you can find them here: Premier League Penalty Takers. Set piece takers Premier League 2022/23 From the FPL perspective, do not overlook these […]