FPL GW29 Tips: Free Hit squad

We will finish this hectic Fantasy Premier League period with just four matches in blank gameweek 29 and then we can ease our minds during international break (unless you plan to wildcard just as I do).

Let’s dive in FPL GW29 Tips.  

Tips for FPL GW29

GW29 strategy

This gameweek is going to be crucial for many FPL managers. However, if you have planned properly for this week, you will easily make it.

And if you have still your free hit available, you have huge advantage over others.

We all had a lot of time to prepare our teams well for this weak, so you should be able to field at least 6 quality players in GW29 without a hit.

Just as in blank gameweek 18, I emphasize that you should count only QUALITY players in your team. 

You could do very well in GW18 with just 8 quality players. And you could do poorly with 11 players if you have a lot of bench fodders like Anguissa or Bissouma in your starting XI.

So, focus only on players that potential to score more than 1 or 2 points.

If you want to take -4 or -8 hit, make sure that the player you are transferring in is able to score more than 4 points.

Try to estimate his potential output, for example at least by his points per game stats. If the player is averaging less than 4 points per game, than he is likely not worth a hit.

Key players for blank gameweek 29

Let’s quickly mention key players for this gameweek. Without any doubt, you should have at least two Spurs attackers – I mean Kane and Son  (Son will likely miss the game, so Kane + one other Spurs attacking player) – in your team.

In ideal scenario, you can add in-form Bale next to them, however, it might not be easy to fit him in your squad – especially if you plan to bench Fernandes, Salah or De Bruyne.

It is not great fixture for Aston Villa, but their assets will be very popular choices among all FPL managers, as Martinez and Watkins are heavily owned.

So, it would be very risky if you leave this two Aston Villa players out of your FPL squad.

Also, if you do not have your wildcard available, you will benefit from having Villa players in a long run, as they will have a double gameweek in the future (their match against Everton have not been rescheduled yet).

Potential Bamford’s injury could be a problem for 51,1 % FPL managers that own him in their FPL squads.

However, because he is so heavily owned, almost all active FPL managers are in this together, so basically, they will all have one man down.

So, if you own Bamford and he does not play, it will have little impact on your overall rank.

Of course, Dallas and Raphinha (or at least one of them) are other two key players from Leeds you should have in your team.

However, their match against Fulham will not be easy, as Fulham really improved defensively in their last matches – as we mentioned in GW28 Tips.

That’s why we think, you should hedge here – and have one Fulham defender in your team – in case Leeds attackers fail to score.

There are not many appealing FPL assets among Newcastle and Brighton players.

However, there could be a clean sheet for one of those teams, so you could have one defender from both teams in your squad: for example, Dunk and Lescelles.

We think you can overlook attacking players from those two teams, as it is very hard to tell, which one of them could do well, and you could end up with just 2-ponter.

Antonio, Cresswell and Souček are our three picks from West Ham.

The Hammers are performing on a high level this season and we think that their FPL assets are more important for your GW29 squad than Arsenal players.

If you want to pick Arsenal players, we suggest you should pick one of their defenders – as a hedge if your West Ham attackers will not score.

If you want to also pick some of their attackers, Aubameyang or Saka are obvious choices.

Free Hit Scout Squad

Now, let’s turn our ideas in our scout squad for GW29. It can also be good inspiration for you, if you have your free hit active.

One last important thing. After finishing your (free hit) squad, you might end up with 5-10 millions in the bank.

It is okey.

You want to maximize points your players will score and not the team value of your starting XI.

So, pick the players you think score the most points. And if it leaves you with a lot of money in the bank, do not care about that. It is points what will count at the end of the GW29.



5.4 m | TOT (H)



5.8 m | ARS (H)


4.5 m | LEE (H)


5.0 m | FUL  (A)



5.3 m | ARS (H)


11.5 m | WHU (A)


9.5 m | AVL (A)


5.5 m | FUL (A)



6.6 m | ARS (H)


6.6 m | TOT (H)

Kane (C)

11.4 m | AVL (A)

Spurs players are great and most obvious captain picks for blank gameweek 29.

With Son injured, it is Harry Kane who is the best captaincy option for GW29.

We will bring you clean sheet odds for GW29 soon.


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