FPL GW21 Tips

We keep it short this time. Let’s dive into FPL GW21 Tips, where we discuss best captain and scout picks.

Tips for FPL GW 21

Best captain picks for GW 21

3. Mohamed Salah (WHU (A))

After his haul from the bench against Crystal Palace, Mohamed Salah blanked 6 times in a row. We are not used to see so many blanks from him.

Are these blanks just false and meaningless pattern in randomness or the beginning of a new trend?

We are leaning towards the former (for now). Yes, until their match against Spurs, Liverpool have struggled and their performances in 2021 have been bit disappointing.

But do we really think that the champions will continue the season in such a terrible form?

No. For now, we think that these bad performances from Liverpool and blanks from Salah were just a cluster of extreme values.

According to The Cluster Theory, extreme values come within clusters and do not have normal statistical distribution.

This theory says that: “Extreme values in sequences of independent random variables tend to occur in isolation.”

And we think, this could be the case. So, we are keeping faith with Liverpool and Salah. That’s why we included Egyptian among our captain picks.

As we mentioned in Key Tips for FPL Success, you should always think about probabilities when making decisions in Fantasy Premier League.

2. Son Heung Min (BHA (A))

Son is going to be very popular captain pick among all FPL managers.

However, the majority of his goals this season have been assisted by Harry Kane. How he will do without him on the pitch? It is hard to predict.

So, after Harry Kane’s injury, captaining Son is riskier than usually. 

But Son’s away form is great, as 58 % of his FPL points happened on the roads.

Of course, this number is distorted by two extreme values – his two away hauls (24 points against SOU (A) and 18 points against MUN (A)).

Despite Kane’s injury, we favor Son to do well against Brighton. However, if you have the luxtury to captain a Man City player, it is probably a better solution…

1. Raheem Sterling (SHU (H))

Manchester City have been graduating their offensive form lately.

It is no more just about their defenders (although we think you should have at least to of them).

In the previous gameweek, we finally saw Cancelo hauling.

But is was not just about him, as Gundogan, Mahrez and Sterling registered double digit hauls, too.

There is another easy game, this time against the last team of the table Sheffield United, on the horizon.

Similar to the match against West Bromwich, we could see few double digits hauls against Sheffield, too.

Gundogan got his rest, as he was subbed off in 51st minute against WBA, so he is probably the most nailed to start against Sheffield.

But can he continue in the amazing trend of scoring in almost every gameweek?

We have doubts about that. So, we are picking Raheem Sterling over him as our number one captain pick, as he is more proven FPL asset.  

Scout squad for GW 21

Let’s look who made it into our scout squad for GW21.



5.6 m | BHA (A)



7.4 m | WHU (A)


6.1 m | BUR (H)


5.9 m | SHU (H)


5.1 m | SHU (H)


Sterling (C)

11.5 m | SHU (H)


12.5 m | WHU (A)


9.7 m | BHA (A)


5.3 m | LIV (H)



6.1 m | SOU (A)


6.7 m | LEI (A)

We will be back soon with clean sheet odds for GW21.

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