FPL GW20 Tips: Best Captain & Scout Selection

After the blank and the double, “just” a single gameweek ahead of us.

Last two gameweeks were stressful for many Fantasy Premier League managers and GW 20 could bring relief for their brains after weeks full of uncertainty, surprises and, of course, planning.

Let’s jump into our FPL GW20 Tips.

Tips for FPL GW 20

Gameweek 20 strategy

First of all, if your head has been full of chip strategies during last weeks, it could be good idea to save a transfer in GW 20, unless you have some critical issues in your FPL squad.

This critical issue could be, for example, the lack of Manchester City defenders in your squad.

OUr strategy for GW 20 is to take the gas off, slow down to see how things settle after this hectic period. Step back for one gameweek.

And two transfers for the week after will allow you to be much more flexible. I think GW 20 is the perfect week to be passive.

To leave everything as it is, calm our minds a bit, and gain broader perspective. Before GW 19, it was all about blank and double.

Now, there are new challenges at the horizon. And for us, it seems like a good idea to approach them with cool head and two free transfers in the pocket.

Best captain pick for GW 20

So, what about the captaincy.

With Spurs facing Liverpool, we have a smaller range of potential captains for GW 20.

But otherwise, we are left with usual armband contenders: Kevin De Bruyne (now Raheem Sterling after KdB’s injury) and Bruno Fernandes.

But if you want to play it riskier…

3. Aubameyang (SOU (A))

Yes, you read it right. Aubameyang. I know you are probably thinking that we get crazy when we involved Aubameyang in our captain picks, but hear us out.

Could this be a turning point of this season for Gabonese striker? He surprised as all with a brace and double-digit haul in previous gameweek.

But what is more important, he backed his performance against Newcastle with solid stats: 5 shots and 1.22 xG.

Aubameyang is one of the most undervalued players of this season in terms of FPL points. We had expected 230 FPL season from him. But he has not met our expectations so far.

If he is going to have 230 points season, then there is so much points left in him. He could offer great opportunity for managers with very high risk tolerance.

But the risk is great to the upside and of course to the downside as well. The fixture against Southampton is not going to be easy.

So even if you do not captain him in this one (and you probably do not), he is at least one to keep an eye on as we know, what he is capable of.

2. Raheem Sterling (WBA (A))

And now back to the Earth.

After so many games in which Man City were scoring only one goal per game, their attack finally began to wake up.

However, having at least on their defenders in your FPL team should be a priority, rather than bringing in their attackers.

We planned to have Kevin De Bruyne as our number two captain pick, but he is unlikely to feature in against WBA.

We think, that if you still want to have exposure to Man City attack, then Raheem Sterling is best Kevin de Bruyne replacement.

We also consider him to be great differential captain in GW 20.

However, we are cautious when it comes to captaining Man City players, as we were burned so many times with them this season.

Nevertheless, they play against the worst defense in terms of goals conceded and xG conceded. So, this is not a gameweek to overlook Man City players as captaincy options.

1. Bruno Fernandes (SHU (H))

Despite great fixture for Man City, we favor a player from the other side of Manchester as our number one captain pick for GW 20.

The Red Devils face Sheffield United, the last team in the league table. That’s great fixture. Bruno Fernandes has shown better reliability as a captain this season than De Bruyne.

We favor him in this gameweek, too. We wrote a lot about his underlying stats and goals involvement during previous gameweeks (they were great), and nothing has changed there.

Also, the fixture and player’s reliability as a captain option are way more important to us than stats when it comes to selecting the best captain for upcoming gameweek.

And this week, it all points to Bruno Fernandes.

Scout selection for GW 20

Let’s move to our scout squad for gameweek 20.



5.4 m | AVL (H)



6.1 m | WOL (H)


5.8 m | WBA (A)


5.1 m | WBA (A)


5.4 m | CRY (A)


Fernandes (C)

11.3 m | SHU (H)

De Bruyne

11.9 m | WBA (A)


9.6 m | SHU (H)


7.7 m | BUR (A)



6.7 m | NEW (A)


6.3 m | CRY (A)

That is all from our FPL GW 20 tips for now. We will bring you GW 20 Clean Sheet odds soon, as well.

Want to share you squad ahead of GW 20? Leave a comment below.

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