FPL GW19 Tips: Double Gameweek, Triple Captain pick

Fantasy Premier League Double Gameweek 19 is almost here. And it is probably the biggest double gameweek of the season.

Which chip should you use? Bench Boost or Triple Captain? We discuss it in our FPL GW19 Tips.

Let’s dive in.

Tips for FPL GW19

Chip Strategy

Well, DGW19 is highly likely the biggest double gameweek of this Fantasy Premier League season and that makes it perfect for bench boost.

You can use triple captain chip in smaller double gameweek later, and we will get a lot of them due to all those postponements.

However, there is one but… And that is Leeds vs. Southampton fixture.

This match was postponed from GW19 leaving only one fixture for those two teams.

Southampton and Leeds FPL assets are very popular among FPL managers.

And a lot of them plan to have players like Oriol Romeu, McCarthy, Alioski or Meslier on the bench in GW19 and activate the bench boost.

So, if you have a lot of players from Leeds and Southampton your bench boost can turn out to be just ordinary single gameweek bench boost. 

However, I think, it is still worth to consider to use bench boost either way. When will you have full playing bench during future gameweeks again?

Bench without injuries or nonplaying 4.3 m forwards or 3.8 m defenders?

So, if you plan to maximize your playing XI in the future it could still be worth it to play your bench boost in DGW18. 

Otherwise, you can use your triple captain chip. So, to the next topic. Who is the best triple captain option in DGW19?

Best triple captain pick for GW 19

Well, there are few good options. Bruno Fernandes would be definitely one of them if he had not received a yellow card against Burnley.

He is now on 4 yellow cards and if he gets another against Liverpool, he will miss match against Fulham.

You should be aware of this risk, if you plan to triple captain Man United talisman.

Kevin De Bruyne is finally picking up good form and he is one to consider if you want to use your triple captain chip.

Belgian could be popular captaincy options especially among those FPL managers who had not use their Free Hit chip in previous round

But for us, the number one triple captain pick is Mohamed Salah.

Egyptian was an FPL top-scorer in two of last three season and he is having great campaign again.

Sometimes, the most obvious captain choice is the best captain choice.

And if you are playing your triple captain chip, you do not want to put in on some player that is not proven FPL asset or is “risky” FPL asset.

Do not overthink it.

Bench boost squad for GW 19

Let’s finish our tips for GW19 with our scout squad – bench boost squad.

We included two players from Aston Villa, but watch out whether their game against Everton is postponed or not.



5.4 m | WHU (A), LIV (A)


4.5 m | WOL (A), WHU (A)



7.4 m | MUN (H), BUR (H)


6.1 m | FUL (A), LEI (A)


5 m | CRY (H), AVL (H)


5.8 m | CRY (H), AVL (H)


4.7 m | BUR (H), WBA (H)


Salah (C)

12.5 m MUN (H), BUR (H)

De Bruyne

11.8 m | CRY (H), AVL (H)


7.7 m | MCY (A), NEW (H)


5.3 m CHE (H), MUN (H)


4.5 m BUR (H), WBA (H)



6.2 m | WHU (A), LIV (A)


6.1 m | MCY (A), NEW (H)


6.1 m | BHA (H)

We will be back soon with Clean Sheet odds for double gameweek 19.

Stay tuned.

Do you plan to use a chip in DGW19? If so, which one? Leave a comment below and share you opinions with other readers.

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