FPL GW14 Tips: Plan ahead during upcoming fixtures

It is not an easy time for Fantasy Premier League managers as gameweek are coming in quick succession during this tight Christmas schedule.

Here are our FPL GW14 Tips.

Tips for FPL GW14

Best captain pick for GW14

3. Mohamed Salah (CRY (A))

It’s hard to not consider Mo Salah as one of our captain picks in almost every gameweek.

Liverpool face Crystal Palace in GW 14 whose defensive stats are stats of a mid-table team.

Palace have conceded 18 goals (8 teams have conceded more) and 16.95 xG against (11 teams have conceded more).

It is okey fixture for Liverpool assets, but will it be enough for Salah to register double digit haul? We shall see.

However, thanks to his amazing consistency (Egyptian blanked only 2 times this season), he is definitely one to consider for captaincy in GW14.

2. Kevin De Bruyne (SOU (A))

It was not great match for Man City FPL assets in previous gameweek against West Bromwich Albion.

City scored only one goal against worst defense (based on stats) of this Premier League season. However, City underperformed their xG once again.

They scored only 1 goal from 2.59 xG against WBA. And Kevin De Bruyne registered 4 shots, 0.26 xG and 1.02 xA in that game.

Belgian was a bit unlucky to not score more than just 2 bonus points.

If you are one of De Bruyne containers from previous gameweek, consider keeping an armband on him.

Player of his quality and with such a solid underlying numbers can’t be unlucky forever.

Patient approach in this case could be highly rewarding, because there wont be many De Bruyne captainers in GW14 after City’s performance against WBA.

De Bruyne could be great differential captain against Southampton if he delivers.

1. Bruno Fernandes (LEE (H))

Probably the best captain for GW14 is Bruno Fernandes.

Although Bruno’s and his team home form is not particularly great this season (United scored only 3 goals at home), we expect him to do well against Leeds defense.

Only WBA conceded more goals and more xG than Leeds this season.

Just as we mentioned last week, Fernandes involvement in United’s goals is incredible.

He is indeed their talisman as he was involved in 55 % of their goals this season. And we expect him to be involved again in GW14.

Plan ahead during Chrismas fixtures

Last week, we prepared for you tips how to manage the bench of your FPL squad during Christmas period.

Now, we have few tips about how to manage your whole FPL team during this tight schedule.  

1. Have blank and double gameweek in mind

We have big blank in GW18 and big double gameweek in GW19. Keep an eye on those fixtures with your transfers.

However, do not overthink it, blanks and doubles are a bit overrated, so do not tear you whole squad apart because of that.

2. Plan your chip strategy

Having blank and double gameweek in mind mean also planning your chip strategy. Do you still have your first wildcard available?

You have to use it before GW16 deadline. Will you play your free hit chip in Blank GW18? Or in double gameweek 19? Will you bench boost? Triple captain?

Sort your strategy now, as it will be easier for you when we get to GW18.

3. Do not overthink rotation and prepare your bench accordingly

We talked about rotation in GW13 Tips, feel free to learn more about it there.

4. Do not make early transfers

Wait with your transfers. Wait till you have all information from press conferences, all information about potential injuries, before you press the button.

Team value is less important than FPL points, so do not rush to transfer just because you do not want to lose 0.1 m of your team value.

At the end of the day, it is FPL points what counts, not team value.

Scout squad for GW14



4.4 m | SHU (H)



7.2 m | CRY (A)


5.3 m | WHU (H)


6 m | WBA (A)


5.6 m | SOU (A)


Fernandes (C)

11 m | LEE (H)


12.3 m | CRY (A)

De Bruyne

11.9 m | SOU (A)


7.8 m | WBA (A)



6.1 m | WBA (A)


6.3 m | MUN (A)

We will be back soon with Clean Sheet Odds for GW14.

Good luck!