FPL Wildcard Team: Gameweek 23 Inspiration

fpl wildcard team inspiration

Do you consider using your Wildcard in Gameweek 23 of Fantasy Premier League? We prepared our FPL GW23 Wildcard team for your inspiration!

We like to use our wildcard only for tactical purposes (and not emotional ones) during fixtures swings and double gameweeks. To find more about it, check our article: 3 essential tips for effective use of wildcard in FPL.

Key players for GW23 wildcard and tips

  • Haaland + Manchester City defender/goalkeeper + one of their mids for double gameweek 23
  • Arsenal midfielders/attackers – Saka, Odegaard, Nketiah – go for two from those four as you want best players from best teams in your wildcard FPL team, they have double in GW23 + one Arsenal defender
  • Rashford
  • Trippier – the top-scoring defender in the game
  • Also, if wildcarding, do forget to take into account GW25 blank
  • Consider also Liverpool players as they might (possibly, nothing confirmed) have a double in GW25

FPL Gamewek 23 Wildcard Team for inspiration

fpl gw23 wildcard team selection
fpl gw23 wildcard team selection


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