Group G Analysis – World Cup 2022 Fantasy


world cup 2022 group G

FIFA World Cup 2022 Group G Teams: Brazil, Switzerland, Serbia, Cameroon

Probabilities of winning the Group G

Probabilities of winning group G according to bookies odds.

TeamProbability of winning Group G
Brazil66 %
Switzerland16 %
Serbia13 %
Cameroon5 %

Our prediction of Group G results

  1. Brazil
  2. Switzerland
  3. Serbia
  4. Cameroon

Brazil is always considered to be one of the main favorites at every World Cup and the 2022 edition is not any different. From all teams, bookies assigned Brazil the highest probability of winning the World Cup 2022. In every position, they have great players who don’t even need to be named.

Switzerland and Serbia, are on a similar performance level, both teams have quite balanced squads and their chances will be 50/50 for reaching the second spot.


Top scorers in World Cup qualification:

  • Neymar 8G + 8A
  • Richarlison 6G
  • Raphinha 3G + 2A
  • Firmino 3G + 1A
  • Paqueta 3G + 1A
  • Coutinho 3G
  • Marquinhos 2G + 2A

Top scorers in Copa America:

  • Neymar 2G + 3A
  • Paqueta 2G
  • Richarlison 1G + 1A


Top scorers in World Cup qualification:

  • Embolo 3G + 3A
  • Zuber 2G
  • Shaqiri 1G + 4A
  • Gavranovič 1G + 1A
  • Itten 1G + 1A
  • Okafor 1G + 1A
  • Steffen 1G + 1A

Top scorers in Nations League:

  • Embolo 2G
  • Akanji 1G + 1A


Top scorers in World Cup qualification:

  • Mitrovič 8G
  • Vlahovič 4G
  • Tadič 2G + 6A
  • Milinkovič-Savič 1G + 2A
  • Kositč 1G + 1A

Top scorers in Nations League:

  • Mitrovič 6G
  • Jovič 2G
  • Zivkovič 1G + 2A
  • Vlahovič 1G + 1A
  • Tadič 4A


Top scorers in World Cup Qualification:

  • Choupo-Moting 3G
  • Toko Ekambi 3G
  • Ngadeu 2G
  • Aboubakar 2G
  • Bassogog 2G
  • Anguissa 1G
  • Ngamaleu 1G

Top scorers in AFCON:

  • Aboubakar 8G + 1A
  • Toko Ekambi 5G
  • Bahoken 1G
  • Fai 3A
  • Hongla 3A
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