How to change formation in World Cup Fantasy?


how to change formation in world cup fantasy

There is no button for changing formation in FIFA World Cup 2022 Fantasy.

But you can easily change formation by making a substitution of a player from your starting XI and replacing him with a bench player from a different position.

Let’s quickly show you how to do that.

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Changing formation in World Cup Fantasy Football

We prepared a brief guide for changing formation in World Cup Fantasy Football with screenshots.

1. Go to my team

change formation step 1
change formation step 1

2. Click on a player from your starting XI

Select a player from your XI and then click SUB OFF.

change formation step 2
change formation step 2

3. Select a bench player from a different position

Now pick a player from your bench – if you want to change formation, the player needs to be from a different position. And sub him in.

change formation step 3
change formation step 3

4. Confirm the changes

The formation of your World Cup Fantasy team has changed. Now just confirm the changes to the team.

change formation step 4
change formation step 4
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