How do players get points in Fantasy Premier League?

how players get points fpl

How are points awarded in Fantasy Premier League? In this article, we will look at the FPL scoring system, shedding light on how players earn points.

How do FPL points work?

In FPL, players earn points through various actions during Premier League matches. The most common ways to accumulate points are through goals, assists, clean sheets, and saves. Each goal scored by a forward earns 4 points, while midfielders and defenders earn 5 and 6 points respectively. Assists are rewarded with 3 points regardless of the player’s position. Goalkeepers and defenders can earn 4 points for a clean sheet, while midfielders earn 1 point. Additionally, goalkeepers receive 1 point for every 3 saves made during a match.

Here’s a breakdown of all actions that are awarded points in the Fantasy Premier League:

Points Scoring System in FPL
Points Scoring System in FPL (Source: Official FPL)

Best sources of points in FPL

Now you should realize that there are three main sources of FPL points:

  • Goals
  • Assists
  • Clean sheets

There are other, less common ways how to score FPL points (penalty save, bonus points, etc…) but they are less common, so you should focus mainly on these three groups mentioned above.

Goals and assists are important, especially for midfielders and forwards, and clean sheets for your defenders (who play more than 60 minutes).

So, do not go all-in into expensive forwards and midfielders to get the most points, but focus on the defense as well – because clean sheets are a great way of scoring points (a clean sheet for a defender has the same weight as a goal for a forward = 4 points).

Tip: Basically, when selecting your 15-men FPL team, you should pick players that you think will score the most points.

That is the most important advice we can give you in this area. In your decision-making process, you can use all the available data, for example, FPL points, goals, assists, or clean sheets from previous seasons.


How do goalkeepers get points in FPL?

Goalkeepers in FPL get 6 points for every goal they score, 3 points for each assist, and 4 points for a clean sheet. They also receive 1 point for every 3 shot saves and an additional 5 points for saving a penalty.

How do defenders get points in FPL?

Defenders in FPL gain 6 points for every goal they score and 3 points for every assist. They also get 4 points for keeping a clean sheet in a match.

How do midfielders get points in FPL?

Midfielders in FPL get 5 points for each goal they score and 3 points for every assist. They also get an additional point (1) for keeping a clean sheet.

How do forwards get points in FPL?

Forwards in FPL get 4 points for every goal they score and 3 points for each assist.

How many points is a red card in FPL?

A red card in FPL results in a deduction of 3 points.

Do players on the bench get points in FPL?

Players on the bench in FPL do not earn any points unless they are substituted into the match. If a player in your starting 11 does not play in the gameweek, then the first player on your bench will replace him, if he played in his match. Read more: How does the bench work in Fantasy Premier League?

Do you get FPL points for winning a penalty?

Winning a penalty does not directly result in points in FPL. However, if the player scores the penalty, the player who won the penalty gets the assist unless it is the same player who converted it (in that case only a goalscorer of the penalty gets the points for scoring the goal. Assist points are not awarded).

How many points for a goal in FPL?

Goals scored by a player earn them points in FPL, with the amount depending on their position: 6 points for goalkeepers and defenders, 5 points for midfielders, and 4 points for forwards.

How many points for an assist in FPL?

An assist in FPL will earn a player 3 points, regardless of their position.

How many points for clean sheet FPL?

A clean sheet (playing 60 minutes or more in a match and conceding no goals) will get a goalkeeper or a defender 4 points and a midfielder 1 point. Forwards do not earn points for a clean sheet.

Does Man of the match get points in FPL?

The “Man of the Match” does not earn extra points in FPL. Read more: Does Man of the Match gets points in FPL?

How do defenders get clean sheets?

Defenders get clean sheets by playing at least 60 minutes in a match and their team not conceding any goals during that time they are on the pitch. If a defender is subbed off after the 60-minute mark with a clean sheet, his clean sheet is locked in.

How many points for the captain in FPL?

Your chosen captain in FPL will have their points for that gameweek doubled. If your captain does not play in that gameweek, the vice-captain will have their points doubled instead. Read more: Captain in FPL explained.

Does vice captain get extra points in FPL?

Your vice-captain in FPL will only get extra points (double their score) if your chosen captain does not play at all in that gameweek. If your captain plays, even for just one minute, then your vice-captain’s points will not be doubled. Read more: How does vice-captain work in FPL?

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