Does Man of The Match (MOTM) Get Points in FPL?

man of the match points fpl

Does the ‘Man of the Match’ (MOTM) receive extra points in Fantasy Premier League? No, he does not. However, there are bonus points in FPL which are awarded to the 3 best players who score the most in the BPS system.

Bonus points = FPL’s version of ‘Man of the Match’

The point accrual system in FPL is unique and does not include the ‘Man of the Match’ award as a point-scoring metric. Instead, FPL employs the Bonus Points System (BPS). The BPS uses a range of statistics to create a point tally for every player in a match. The three players with the highest BPS in a particular match receive additional points: three for the top player, two for the second, and one for the third.

In essence, the top player in the BPS can be perceived as FPL’s version of ‘Man of the Match’. However, it’s critical to note that the BPS considers a broad spectrum of in-game statistics. Aspects such as key passes, tackles, and recoveries, among others, can significantly influence a player’s BPS and hence their bonus points.

So, the top performers in FPL may not necessarily align with the ‘Man of the Match’ as recognized in the real-world game. The FPL bonus points are calculated on a more comprehensive set of performance parameters, making the FPL’s top-rated player more indicative of an all-round top performer rather than just the standout star.

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Man of the match fantasy points in UCL Fantasy

Now, let’s look at another popular fantasy football league, the UEFA Champions League (UCL) Fantasy. Unlike FPL, UCL Fantasy indeed rewards the ‘Man of the Match’ with additional points. This difference can often lead to confusion among players migrating from one fantasy game to another.

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