What is a good score in UCL Fantasy?

good score in ucl fantasy

Let’s very quickly look at what you can consider to be a good score in the Fantasy Champions League.

Learning from the previous UEFA Champions League seasons

  • In the 2021/22 season, the winner scored an amazing 1067 points during 13 matchdays.
  • And in the 2022/23 season, the winner scored 1127 points during 13 matchdays.

So, let’s assume, that if you want to have an exceptional UCL Fantasy campaign, you should aim to get around 1050 during the whole season.

Every matchday is different

Now, we divide these 1050 points into 13 matchdays. However, every matchday is different. In the group stage, matchdays are usually high scoring, as we have many teams that are “whipping boys” and conceding a lot of goals.

Once we start the knockout stage, the range of players we can choose from is decreasing with each round. That’s why it is almost impossible to aim to get the same amount of points in Matchday 1 (where we can pick players from 32 teams for 16 games) and also in the final (where we can pick just one player from 2 teams = 1 game).

You also should use your chips in the group, where points potential is bigger than in the elimination rounds.

Based on these thoughts, we formulated points targets for each matchday in order to achieve exceptional 1050 points.

Points targets for each matchday

MatchdayPoints Target
R16 1st leg85
R16 2nd leg85
QF 1st leg75
QF 2nd leg75
SF 1st leg60
SF 2nd leg60

*It does not necessarily mean, that you should aim to get 95 points in each of the group stage matchdays. But you should aim to get 95 points on average during the group stage.


If you, on average, reach these points target during the UCL Fantasy campaign, you are on a good road to not just have an exceptional season but also to fight for top places in the overall rankings.

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