Can you join UCL Fantasy late?

joining ucl fantasy late

Yes, you can join UCL Fantasy late, after the season started. You can create your Fantasy Football team anytime during the Champions League season.

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Joining UCL Fantasy between matchdays

If you create a team between matchdays, your points will start counting from the following matchday.

Joining UCL Fantasy in the middle of matchday

If you create a team during matchday (after matchday has already started), your points will start counting from the next day within that matchday.

For example, if you join on Tuesday but Tuesday’s games are already in play, your points start counting from Wednesday, so you will not earn any points on Tuesday.

Tips when joining Fantasy Champions league late

There are still some benefits when you join Fantasy Champions League late:

  1. You still can win prices for each Matchday
  2. You know, who good players are, so with unlimited transfers you can buy them, while other managers are limited to using free transfers or using chips
  3. You can start building your team value and buy players you expect to rise in price on the following matchday you are entering the competition
  4. You will get valuable experience that you can use in next season where you can attack good overall rank


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