UCL Fantasy Transfer Rules

ucl fantasy transfer rules

Transfers are a powerful tool in Fantasy Champions League. In this article, we will quickly look at transfer rules.

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UCL Fantasy transfer rules

MatchdayNumber of free transfersNumber of free transfers you can carry to next Matchday
Before group stageUnlimited-
During group stage2 per matchday1 per matchday
Before round of 16Unlimited-
Before round of 16 second leg30
Before quarter-finals50
Before quarter-finals second leg30
Before semi-finals50
Before semi-finals second leg30
Before final50

Group stage

Before the group stage, you can make an unlimited number of transfers. Between matchdays in the group stage, you can make 2 free transfers.

Each additional transfer you make will cost you 4 points. The points will be deducted from your total score in that matchday.

You can carry one free transfer to the next matchday to have a maximum of 3 free transfers in the  next matchday. 

The knockout phase

You will get unlimited transfers before the start of R16, so you can rebalance your team and offload all players that got eliminated.

For the replays of each round, you will get 3 free transfers. For each new round (quarterfinals, semifinals, finals), you will get 5 free transfers.

You cannot carry a free transfer to the next matchday during the knockout phase.


Transfers and chips

If you use Limitless Wildcard or regular wildcard, no transfers can be carried forward. 

If you made some transfers before the matchday and then activated limitless chip, all your transfers (and points deductions) will be canceled. 

When to use transfers in UCL Fantasy

  • Use free transfers for tactical purpose, like transferring out injured players, eliminated players, or players who had bad fixtures ahead
  • There are always some injuries and suspensions, so your main use of free transfers will be getting rid of players who do not play
  • Use transfer to bring in players who have high points potential in the next rounds and good fixtures
  • Use transfers to bring in the best captain for the next matchday – captaincy plays a huge role in UCL fantasy and you should try to always have the best captaincy option in your team for each matchday
  • Avoid additional transfers for -4 points. Only use -4 points hit when absolutely necessary like when you have many injuries, or when you do not have good captaincy option in your fantasy team
  • Keep an eye on players whose price is likely to change. You can build good team value by transferring out players who you expect to fall in price and bringing in players who you expect to rise in price. However, this should not be your primary focus when doing transfers in UCL Fantasy. It is points that counts and the end of the season and not the team value.
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