FPL GW8 Tips: Wildcard time

The second international break of the season is soon behind us and is time to focus on Fantasy Premier League again. 

So, let’s move to our FPL GW8 Tips.

FPL GW8 Tips

Key notes for GW8

Let’s start with key notes for FPL GW8. We use xG and xA in our analysis. If you are not sure what those stats mean, read our article about expected goals.

Player notes

  • Salah, Antonio & Mané have the most shots (28, 27 & 26) from all players. This trio is also top for xG this season
  • Raphinha is 4th for shots (24)
  • Salah has the most shots on target from all players (16) followed by Sarr (11) and Antonio (11)
  • Toney (3.12), Fernandes (2.78) and Saint-Maximin (2.57) are top for xA this season
  • Mbeumo has the highest xG (3.48) from all Brentford players 
  • Townsend has the second highest xI (xG+ xA)  – 3.28 – from all Everton players after DCL

Players report: Aleksei evaluated the performance of players from all positions in their last 6 games in his GW7 players report. In his analysis, he excluded the influence of best and worst gameweeks in order to eliminate statistical randomness and possible outliers. This feature makes his tables very unique, so make sure you check them out before making your decision in gameweek 8. 

Team notes

  • Worst defenses: Newcastle, Norwich, Arsenal (in that order – Newcastle the most) conceded the most xG this season
  • Best defenses: City, Everton, Brentford conceded the fewest xG this season
  • Worst attacks: Norwich, Watford and Tottenham accumulated the fewest xG this season
  • Best attacks: Liverpool, Man City, Chelsea accumulated highest xG this season
  • The last four matches between Manchetser City and Burnley that were played at Etihad stadium ended up 5:0

Teams report: In his usual analysis, Aleksei also evaluated the defensive and offensive strengths of all teams based on their expected data. Which teams improved or worsen based on their underlying statistics? You can find it in the full GW7 teams report.

Who is the best captain in FPL GW8

We will keep the captaincy section short.

If you would like to know more about the process we use to select the captain every gameweek, read our article: How to pick the right captain in FPL?

According to this decision-making process, we think Mohamed Salah is the best captain in FPL GW8.

Son is our number two, and De Bruyne is our number three captain pick. 

What bookies odds say about GW8

As usual, we converted bookies odds into probabilities using our Odds to probability calculator, to assess the potential of FPL gameweek 8.

Clean sheet odds for GW8

There are two teams with a probability of a clean sheet in GW8 higher than 50 %. Manchester City (55 %) and Chelsea (50 %), they are followed by Arsenal (44 %) and Liverpool (41 %). 

Bookies expect 5.23 clean sheets in gameweek 8. In last season, we were used to a rate of 5.89 per clean sheets gameweek. This season we have seen clean sheets at the rate of 6 clean sheets per gameweek. We can say we are seeing more clean sheets than usual. 

Bookies’ odds agree. According to our expected clean sheets table, we should have seen 38.52 clean sheets, however, we saw 42 clean sheets. We are still in the phase of defensive overperformance. The number of clean sheets per gameweek should return to the mean over the season. 

Manchester City overperformed their defensive expectations the most from all teams. Citizens should have kept 2.93 clean sheets instead of 5 according to our expected clean sheets table.

Manchester United underperformed their defensive expectations the most from all teams. They should have kept 2.75 clean sheets instead of 1 according to our expected clean sheets table.

You can see the expected clean sheets table and clean sheet odds for all Premier League teams here.

Goalscoring odds for GW8

First time in many weeks, it is not Cristiano Ronaldo who leads our Goalscoring Odds table. Salah is first (50 %), Ronaldo second (48 %), and Lukaku third (44 %). 

You can look at all most likely GW8 goalscorers here.


FPL GW8 Team - scout selection

Now let’s look at our FPL team for GW8. Our scout team for GW is our GW8 Wildcard team you can find here.

GW8 Wildcard Differentials: Our new content creator Victor looked at some low-owned players that could be great differentials for FPL managers wildcarding in GW8. You can find his 6 differential picks for GW8 here.


We hope our FPL GW8 tips helped you to gather some useful information before the deadline.

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Good luck in FPL GW8!

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