FPL Double Gameweek 28: Tips, Transfers, Best Picks & Team

fpl gw28 tips

After one calm single gameweek, here comes the Fantasy Premier League double gameweek 28, where Bournemouth and Luton will play twice.

Without further ado, let’s move to our FPL GW28 Tips, where we discuss best picks, transfer targets, captain, differentials, odds & team selection.

1. Fantasy Premier League Double Gameweek 28 Tips

  • You do not need to have 6 double gameweek players – 2-3 double gameweek players (Solanke, Doughty + Bournemouth defender/goalkeeper is absolutely fine).
  • Have blank gameweek 29 in mind when making transfers
  • You should have a better idea about your chip strategy by this time.
  • We dedicated a separate article to chip strategies for this season. Read more: Best FPL chip strategies
  • Selling Haaland for Morris makes sense if you will wildcard in GW30/31

Solanke injury news

Solanke is not flagged, but he was not in full training. “He hasn’t trained fully with the team, we are trying to put him in the best positions to play tomorrow,” Iraola said.

So, we think Solanke will highly likely play but we think his FPL points output could be limited due to his ongoing injury.

This puts us off from triple-captaining him in GW28. But Solanke will be our regular captain in GW28 as it looks he will start.

If you still have your triple captain chip left, you can save it to GW34 or GW37, especially if you will free hit in GW29.

2. FPL Double Gameweek 28 Transfer Tips and Key Players to pick

Key players to pick

  1. Haaland
  2. Solanke – if fit
  3. Saka – a key man for Arsenal, good fixture against Bournemouth
  4. Arsenal defender – Gabriel/Saliba/Raya
  5. Watkins

Transfer targets

  • Neto, Kaminski – goalkeepers tends to do well in double gameweek due to the save points. We prefer Neto over Kaminski, but it is because we will free hit in GW29 (likely). Kaminski have the fixture in GW29, so he could be a better choice for managers who will not free hit in GW29 and who do not have Areola
  • Morris, Barkley – your differentials, mainly for managers who will not free hit in GW29
  • Doughty
  • Zabarnyi
  • Maddison, Son, Spurs defender – Tottenham players are good options for managers who do not aim to navigate blank GW29 with chips, but rather with free transfers (as Spurs play in GW29)
  • Douglas Luiz/Kudus/Bowen – part of a plan for blank GW29

3. Fixtures to target in FPL DGW28

In which fixtures we could expect a lot of fantasy points? These are the fixtures to target in Double Gameweek 28 according to bookies odds.

  • Arsenal vs. Brentford: The Gunners 77 % to win, 49 % to score 2.5+ goal
  • Bournemouth vs. Sheffield: Bournemouth 70 % to win, 42 % to score 2.5+ goal
  • Bournemouth vs. Luton: Bournemouth 63 % to win, 37 % to score 2.5+ goal
  • Brighton vs. Nottingham: Brighton 60 % to win, 34 % to score 2.5+ goal

Find 2.5+ goals odds for all teams in our article: Premier League Over 2.5 Goals Odds.

4. Updated watchlists: Best players to pick in Double Gameweek 28 and beyond

We also looked at players from each position: goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders, and forwards and updated our watchlists.

We examine which players are best picks in each price bracket: budget enablers, midpriced picks, and premium options. Check our watchlists with our ratings and comments here:

5. Best captain pick in FPL GW28

According to our captaincy indexSolanke is the best captain in FPL Gameweek 28 with a captaincy index score of 1.90.

Bowen (captaincy index score 1.66) is the number 2 captaincy pick and Odegaard (1.5) is number 3.

Differential captains (as Solanke’s output could be limited due to his small injury issue):

  1. Doughty,
  2. Neto,
  3. Morris

6. What bookies odds say about FPL GW28

As usual, we converted bookies odds into probabilities using our Odds to probability calculator, to assess the potential of gameweek 28.

Clean sheet odds for GW28

Arsenal (46 %) and Bournemouth (41 %, 33 %) are likely to keep clean sheets in GW28. Bookies also favor West Ham (35 %) and Crystal Palace (33 %) to potentially keep clean sheets in GW28.

Double Gameweek teams

 Expected Clean SheetsProbability of at least one CSProbability of two CS
Bournemouth0.7460 %14 %
Luton0.2826 %2 %

Bookies expect 4.84 clean sheets in gameweek 28 in the last season, we were used to a rate of 5.45 per clean sheets gameweek. This season we have seen clean sheets at the rate of 4.15 clean sheets per gameweek.

Expected clean sheets

Due to correction in the number of clean sheets: Everton, Fulham

Everton overperformed their defensive expectations the most of all teams. They should have kept 6.01 clean sheets instead of 8 according to our expected clean sheets table.

Due to an improvement in the number of clean sheets: Brighton, Manchester City

Brighton underperformed their defensive expectations the most from all teams. They should have kept 6.86 clean sheets instead of 3 according to our expected clean sheets table.

You can see the expected clean sheets table and clean sheet odds for all Premier League teams here.

Goalscoring odds for GW28

Check who leads any time goalscoring odds for GW28 here: Premier League Goalsocring Odds.

7. Using Chips in Double Gameweek 28: Do you still have your triple captain or bench boost?

Gameweek 28 could be an opportunity for managers to use:

  • Wildcard – in order to set up your team for double gameweek 28 and blank gameweek 29 – with aim to free hit in DGW34 (but it will be a bit harder to navigate DGW37)
  • Triple captain – on Solanke if he is fit
  • Bench Boost – if you wildcarded in GW27 and have 5-6 Luton and Bournemouth players

*We think free hit will be more valuable later in the season (for example in following gameweek 29)

If you plan to use some of your chips in FPL GW28, here are our drafts for your inspiration:

When to use chips?

We have separate articles to timing of all chips, check them here:

8. FPL GW28 Team selection

Now let’s look at our FPL team selection for Gameweek 28 – Scout squad. Solanke is our captain.

fpl gw28 wildcard team first draft
fpl gw28 team first draft

9. Fantasy Premier League Tips

Find more tips, strategies and picks for Fantasy Premier League in these articles:

We hope our FPL GW28 tips with the best picks, fixtures, transfer targets, odds, captain picks, and team selection helped you to gather some useful information before the Double Gameweek 28 deadline.

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Good luck in FPL GW28!

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