FPL GW26 Tips: Strategy, Transfer targets, Captain, Chips

FPL GW26 Tips

Probably the last big double gameweek (unless something unexpected happens) of the season is here.

We will see some smaller ones in the future, but now with 14 teams playing twice in one round – that is a big opportunity for many FPL managers.

We finally know the fixtures, we finally know who will have double gameweeks in following two rounds and we know who will blank in GW29.

Information always makes planning and preparation of our FPL teams easier, and now, we have all information needed (or at least 95% of it) for next 4 Fantasy Premier League rounds.

Let’s start with our FPL GW26 Tips.

Tips for FPL GW26

Strategy for double gameweek 26

With so many teams playing twice in double gameweek 26, you probably already have plenty of double gameweek players in your team.

In ideal scenario, you have 11 quality double gameweek players, or you will have 11 double gameweek players after using your free transfer.

But that is likely not the case.

Now, let’s look how many DGW players you should have in your team in GW29.

Our baseline is 9 quality double gameweek players in your starting XI (after using your transfers) – that is the number you should be aiming for.

If you have 9 or more already, you are well set up for GW26.

But I emphasize – 9 QUALITY double gameweek players. Bench fodders like Anguissa do not count. Only players you would play in your starting XI if it was a single gameweek.

Now, we always say that you should avoid -4 point hits at all costs. We win by not losing – by eliminating unnecessary losses.

And if you have planned properly for this double gameweek, you likely do not need to take a -4 point hit.

However, if you cannot field at least 9 quality double gameweek players, then – even though I do not like to say it   take a -4 point or -8 point hit.

BUT! There is one VERY important thing. If you are taking hit this gameweek, bring in players who also play in blank GW29!

Or at least a City player who has a double in GW27 (if you do not own 3 of them already).

That is very important if you decide to take a hit.

You have to think long term, so if you have to make a transfer for a -4 points, it has to repay itself over the next four gameweeks.

Basiscaly, if you take -4 point hit for a player who plays twice in GW26 and also plays in GW29 (and you transfer out player who plays only once in GW26 and does not play in GW29 at all), the hit effectively costs you 0 points.

Because in the extra game in GW26 this player will score at least 2 points and he will also score at least 2 points in blank GW29.

Who (not) to transfer out in GW26

When thinking about your GW26 tranfers, you should also think about blank GW29 as well (unless you plan to use your free hit there).

Be careful, we have just 4 fixtures in GW29, so do not transfer out players who play in GW29.

This applies mainly to Leeds and West Ham players – you can play them (especially Leeds players) or bench them (especially West Ham players) in GW26.

But our advice is: do not transfer them out, as they will be very important in GW29.

Rather transfer out player who do not play twice in GW26 and do not play in GW29 at all.

Transfer targets for GW26

Tottenham, Aston Villa and Fulham have double gameweek in GW26 and they also play in GW29.

So, Spurs and Aston Villa players should be your main transfer targets for GW26 (especially if you do not have your free hit available for GW29).

Kane and Son are obvious (and best) options from Spurs and we recommend you to have both of them in your GW26 and GW29 team.

We would avoid other Spurs players altogether, especially their defenders as Spurs have not really performed well defensively.

Watkins and Martinez (or Target if you have other goalkeeper) are main players form Aston Villa you should be targeting (of course Grealish too if fit).

Two of them should be enough, so do not overleverage on Villa players.

Fulham also started to play well lately, so if you were convinced by their performances, you can risk it with one of their players.

From the risk management standpoint, we would keep the exposure to Fulham players to maximum one of them.

And of course, Manchester City play 4 games during next two gameweeks, so if you do not have already 3 of them in your FPL squad, you should bring some of them in, too.

Best double gameweek captain

As you know, we always make our captaincy decision based on these criteria:

  1. 1. Fixture (60 %)
  2. 2. Reliability of a player and his long-term history (30 %)
  3. 3. Form (10 %)

Tottenham and Manchester City have definitely the best fixtures in double gameweek 26, so our captain for this week will be from those two teams.

However, with City tight schedule during next two weeks all FPL managers expect heavy rotation from Pep, as usual. 

So, if you want to captain a City player in GW26, probably Ruben Dias and Ederson are the best picks in our opinion.

But we do not take this route, and we will captain a Spurs player in GW26.

Although Tottenham is not in great form, it is not a concern for us, as we consider “the form” to be just a random pattern in a chaotic system.

Son and Kane are proven FPL assets and their expected output for GW26 is very similar.

And as their expected output for GW26 is lying probably on the same indifference curve, it does not really matter which one of them you will pick as your captain.

However, we always prefer a midfielder due to extra point for a goal and extra point for a clean sheet, so Son Heung Min is our number one captain for double gameweek 26.

Chips to use in GW26

If you still have your bench boost available, this is probably your last chance to maximally exploit its potential if your team is set well for that.

If you have free hit available, our advice is: save it to gameweek 29.

And if you still have triple captain chip, consider to triple captain Son Heung Min or Harry Kane in GW26.

We might not get such nice fixtures in future double gameweeks as Spurs have in GW26.

Scout picks for double gameweek 26

As usual, we will finish our FPL GW26 Tips with our scout selection.



5.3 m | LEE (A), SHU (A)



7.2 m | SHU (A), CHE (H)


6.1 m | WHU (H), WOL (H)


5.2 m | WHU (H), WOL (H)


6.1 m | SOU (H), WBA (A)



11.6 m | CHE (A), CRY (A)

Son (C)

9.5 m | BUR (H), FUL (A)


6.1 m | WHU (H), WOL (H)



11.1 m | BUR (H), FUL (A)


6.5 m | LEE (A), SHU (A)


7.6 m | SOU (H), WBA (A)

Good luck in GW26. We will bring you clean sheet odds for gameweek 26 soon.

One last thing.

Who is your captain in GW26?

Will you use your triple captain chip?

Leave your answer in the comment below.




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