When will Fantasy Premier League 2023/24 start?

The 2022/23 season ended and Fantasy Premier League managers can recharge their energy before the start 2023/24 FPL season. It is time to recap the season, think about what went well and what went wrong, and learn from mistakes in order to improve fantasy skills.

FPL 2023/24 launched on 5.7.2023, so you can already start picking your fantasy team for the new season. The first deadline is on Friday 11 August 2023 at 18:30 UK time so there is still plenty of time to pick the best players for your team.

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Some managers will slowly start to prepare their minds, tactics, and strategy for the next season.

So, when will Fantasy Premier League 2023/24 start? And what are other important dates FPL managers should know?

Summary of the most important dates for FPL 2023/24

Event Date
Release of Premier League 2023/24 fixtures – Check released fixtures 15 June 2023, 09:00 BST
Expected launch of Fantasy Premier League 2023/24 (Our expectation) Between 28 June 2023 – 18 July 2023
Start of the Premier League preseason 11 July 2023
Start of Premier League 2023/24 season 11 August 2023 (Friday)
Midseason break 13-20 January 2024
Last matches of the season (gameweek 38) 19 May 2024
Teams promoted to Premier League 2023/24 Burnley, Sheffield United, Luton

Price reveals started on Monday

Price reveals started on Monday 3.7.2023 and will continue until Wednesday 5.7.2023. So we can expect, that FPL will start after price reveals are over, so possibly on Wednesday or Thursday. 

You can check price reveals here at the Official FPL website.

When does the Premier League 2023/24 season start?

The most important date of all. Premier League 2023/24 season starts on Friday 11 August 2023.

Source: Official Premier League

So, FPL managers will have around 2 and a half months for (active) rest from the gameweek to gameweek action.

Notes about the 2023/24 season

  • There is a midseason break between 13-20 January
  • We can expect new FPL format in 2023/24 season

The last gameweek of FPL 23/24

And the last matches of the season (gameweek 38) will be played simultaneously on Sunday 19 May 2024.

Expected launch of Fantasy Premier League 2023/24

Learning from the 2023/24 start

  • In the 2023/24 season, FPL launched 5.7.2023
  • The game started updating approximately at 15:20 (UK, London time)
  • Approximately at 18:06 game went live
  • Official FPL tweeted that FPL launched approximately 13 minutes after the game went live
  • Price reveals were happening 3.7-5.7. 2023, FPL launched after all price reveals for that day were over

Learning from the 2022/23 start

  • In the 2022/23 season, FPL launched 5.7.2022 – 32 days before the first kickoff
  • The game started updating at 16:00 (UK, London time)
  • Approximately at 16:08 game went live
  • Price reveals were happening 1.7-4.7. 2022 – 5 days before the launch

Learning from the 2021/22 start

Looking at the 2021/22 season, FPL launched on 23 June – 51 days before the first kick-off (13 August).

It was uncommon for FPL to launch so early before the Premier League season launch.

When will Fantasy Premier League 2023/24 start?

Usually, Fantasy Premier League launches 25-45 days before the first gameweek.

So, we can expect that Fantasy Premier League 2023/24 will likely start between 28.6.2023 – 18.7.2023.

It could possibly be just one month after the deadline for gameweek 38…

In previous seasons, we were getting player price releases a week or two before the game launched. Make sure to follow Official FPL on Twitter and when you see that they started to show player prices, the game launch will be very close – like a week away.

It could be useful, especially to managers that aim to gain low FPL ID (FPL managers get theirs according to the time they created their teams.)

Having a low FPL ID is a small advantage. When FPL managers end up in the mini-league with the same amount of points, the top spot is awarded to the one who made the fewest transfers.

If they both made the same amount of transfers, they will share the top spot. But if the prize is at stake, a manager who register their FPL team sooner is awarded the prize.

So, a low FPL ID can decide on a tie-breaker when the prize is at stake.

Update: from 28.6.2023 you can now update your team details. This is important if you aim for a low FPL ID.

When the 2023/24 fixtures were released?

Fixtures for Premier League 2023/24 season were released at 09:00 BST on Thursday 15 June. (you can convert time zones in Dateful Time Zone Converter)

List of all fixtures for 2023/24: Premier League Fixtures

Source: Official Premier League

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When will Preseason start?

Some Premier League teams have already announced when they would play their first preseason matches, you can find the schedule at the Offical Premier League website here.

As it stands, the Premier League preseason starts on 11 July when Crystal Palace meets Barnet in the Hive.

Which teams are promoted to Premier League 2023/24?

Burnley, Sheffield United and Luton are promoted to the Premier League 23/24 season.


Enjoy the summer and a short break from FPL. Learn from your previous season and improve your decision-making process, so you could improve your overall ranking in the next season of FPL.

The Fantasy Premier League 2023/24 will start soon.

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