Why to focus on midfielders with most tackles?

world cup fantasy most tackles

In Fantasy World Cup, midfielders are awarded 1 point for every 3 tackles. Could this be a similar gamechanger as balls recovered in UCL Fantasy?

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Why you should care about players good at tackles?

Usually, it is defensive midfielders who are good at tackles. And defensive mids are very kindly priced in Fantasy World Cup. Imagine, you have a 5.0 million midfielder in your fantasy team, that makes 4-5 tackles per match on average. That is 12-15 tackles per match in Group Stage (3 matches). Every 3 tackles in a match are awarded 1 extra fantasy point, so that is approximately 4-5 extra points through whole group stage for you cheap defensive mid who is good at tackles.

And extra 5 points..  that is equal to other midfielder scoring. But how many 5.0 million midfielders will score at least one goal in the Group stage? Very few of them and we cannot identify them in advance.

But we can identify players that are generally good at tackles. And they could score an extra 1-2 points for your team in every matchday.

Where you can find data about players with most tackles?

You can check data at FBREF, and sort players by Tackles.



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