He is back: Our Salah plan for FPL Double Gameweek 25

salah plan for double gameweek 25

At the start of the week, Mohamed Salah was spotted in training, and now, Jurgen Klopp confirmed that Salah returned to full training and is in contention for Double Gameweek 25. But that doesnot necessarily mean he will start the game against Brentford from the beginning.

Salah injury/recovery latest news

On Friday’s press conference, Jurgen Klopp confirmed Salah is in contention: “Mo is back in full training, that brings him automatically back in contention, of course.”

Massive headache for FPL managers ahead of Double Gameweek 25

Salah’s return is causing a massive headache for FPL managers before Double Gameweek 25, as Liverpool play twice – against Brentford and Luton – so the points potential here is huge.

  • Salah is second for goalscoring odds in Gameweek 25 (odds are valid only if the player starts the match from the beginning)
  • Salah would be second best captain pick for DGW25 (after Haaland) according to our captaincy index – if he was not marked with 50% availability by the time we calculated the index (he would have a score of 2.48 instead of 1.24, Haaland has 2.81 and currently second Jota 2.36)


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  • There could be a huge advantage in bringing Salah back to our teams IF (there is a big IF) he starts both games. As he is currently very low-owned among active teams he basically became a differential
  • The big worry is, that Liverpool might not rush Salah back into the starting XI, so he could get just a few minutes off the bench in the first double gameweek game against Brentford

Our Salah plan for Double Gameweek 25

  • given that Liverpool has an early kickoff in Gameweek 25, there might be some news flying around closely before the deadline, so we will wait with our moves.
  • If there are news from very reliable sources that Salah starts, you could potentially bring him in for -4 point hit – with an aim to bench him in blank gameweek 26
  • However, if your team would require a big surgery, or you already used your free transfers, it is likely not worth it to bring Salah back
  • If you are on a wildcard, and there is news that he is starting, we think you should bring him back (we have a Salah draft available in our wildcard team article)
  • However, if there is no news before the deadline or some news that Salah is benched, we do not think it is worth it to buy him back in FPL (just yet)

You must take Blank Gameweek 26 and captaincy into consideration

  • Even if you bring Salah back in GW25, you will likely not going to captain him, as Haaland is the number one option, so the benefit of owning Salah is not going to be as huge, as if there were no other good captaincy option
  • And yes, Liverpool has a double gameweek in GW25, but there is a blank gameweek 26 right after, and Liverpool does not have a fixture here. So even if Salah starts both DGW games, he has still 2 fixtures in the next 2 weeks. And if you have a lot of blank gameweek players for GW26 in your team, you would likely have to take another hit (hits) to deal with that
  • When you combine these factors with a likely -4 point hit and sacrifices you need to make, it is likely not worth it to bring Salah right back (unless you are on Wildcard)

Our Salah plan

  • Our current plan is to go without Salah for double gameweek 25 because we have no easy route to bring him back (it would require -4 point hit), and because a following blank gameweek.
  • We think the FPL points he could score might not make it up for sacrifices (hits, missing gameweek) you would have to take, and we are very skeptical about him playing both matches from the start right after the injury – we do not think Liverpool would risk that
  • We will bring Salah back on a wildcard, either in GW27 or GW30

But, of course, at the end of the day, whether you buy Salah before Double Gameweek 25 is totally up to you. You must make your own decision based on the information you have available, the situation in your team, your mini-league, and your risk tolerance. We just presented our view on Salah’s return from the injury.

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