How to activate Triple Captain in FPL?

how to activate triple captain fpl

In this short guide, we will look at how to activate the triple captain chip in Fantasy Premier League.

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How to activate a triple captain in FPL?

Let’s dive into our simple guide.

1. Go to my team

Open my team tab on the Official Fantasy Premier League website.

fpl pick team
fpl pick team

2. Scroll down to see your chips and activate triple captain

Scroll down, find all available chips, and tap on the Play button under the triple captain.

activate triple captain chip fpl
activate triple captain chip fpl

3. Save your team

Now you will see a captain circle on your player in reverse color – a black C in a white circle (“normal captain” is marked a white C in a black circle) – that is the sign that the triple captain chip is activated.

activated triple captain fpl
activated triple captain fpl

But you how confirm playing the triple captain by clicking on save your team.

save your team fpl
save your team fpl

Can you cancel playing triple captain in FPL?

Yes, you can deactivate triple captain if you activated it by accident, or changed your mind about using this FPL chip.

Just go to your team, scroll down, hit cancel under the triple, and save your team.

cancel triple captain
cancel triple captain

You can deactivate triple captain anytime before the deadline of the gameweek when you activated it. Once the deadline pass, you will not be able to deactivate the chip.

How to activate triple captain on FPL App?

  1. Go to the Fantasy section of the App
  2. Tap on Pick Team (under the following gameweek section)
  3. Activate the triple captain
  4. Save your team
fpl app pick team
FPL App pick team
fpl app triple captain
FPL App triple captain

Can you activate triple captain and bench boost or wildcard or free hit at the same time?

No, you can use only one chip in one gameweek.

Tips when activating triple captain

  1. Make sure your captain is no injury doubt or rotation risk during the gameweek when you activate triple captain
  2. Make sure you choose your vice-captain wisely, just in case
  3. Ideally, activate triple captain during the double gameweek when your captain (big heavy hitters) plays twice and against easy opositions

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