GW7 Players Report

Our teams report used an idea where we deleted the best and the worst gameweek from the last 6 for each team in tries of eliminating statistics randomness and possible outliers. We decided to implement the same principle to the players stats and remove the best and the worst performances to get less, but more reliable stats. There are so many players that can shine in just one match and then do nothing. How many of you have bought Norgaard after the first gameweek only to see him sit back in the defense without a single shot?


Midfielders stats
Midfielders stats

Firstly, let me explain the table:

  • Each column has color coding from the deep red to the deep green. The redder the red the worse the stat and the greener the green the better the stat. White is in the middle.
  • Each stat is showing the average for the game, since all players have different number of matches played.
  • BC is the big chances count
  • xG no pen is no penalty xG stat, so this table does not take penalties into account.
  • xG% is the percentage of players xG compared to the whole team while this player is on the field.
  • bcc is the big chances created count
  • xPTS is expected points scored by the player considering his xG, xA, xCS of his team and minutes played.
  • atk xPTS is expected points acquired only with no pen xG and xA
  • xPTS/Cost is how much each expected point costs for this player
  • The table is sorted by atk xPTS and I showed only top 31 midfielders (I just like the number, no other reason really)

We can truly see that Salah is the king and he is an absolute must have. He is not only the top scorer, but he is worth the money. Gallagher, Mbeumo and Doucoure are real value picks. Mahrez, Sterling and De Bruyne can score points, but this points could be a little bit too expensive (plus Pep Roulette of course).


Forwards stats
Forwards stats

There was probably no need to display 31 forwards, because the bottom options are really awful. It is worth noting that Danny Ings is the 32nd forward in this table, imagine how bad he is without the pens. Hwang could be real deal if he continues his impressive run. Calvert-Lewin could return to everyone’s team when he is back on the pitch. Ronaldo is an incredible monster with his 5 shots on average and Wilson is the most talisman player out of all players with his 68% xG participation.


Defenders stats
Defenders stats

Defs typically show lesser attacking xPTS, but Alexander-Arnold is 18th in the whole league, you could even consider him out of position and he is playing with one of the best defenses in the league. Duffy is actually the 4th for the shots per game. Another impressive stat is Gibson’s xG%, he placed 22% of all his team’s xG, but maybe it just shows us how bad Norwich is.

Hopefully, this players report coupled with our teams report will help you make right decisions with your transfers.


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