GW6 Teams Report

So here is our teams report as usual. It is probably more accurate than the previous one, because now we have all 6 previous matches played. Here is the reminder of color coding from worst to best:

Color coding for fixture analysis
Color coding from the worst to the best

Teams metrics

Big scary table #1
Big scary table #1

If you forgot what the columns mean, you can read the explanations here.

Also, it often happens that a team has an unexpectedly great or awful match that does not show their real form. So, we simultaneously create another table based on the last 6 games but without one best and one worst match.

Big scary table #2
Big scary table #2

Teams Ranking

It is quite hard to contemplate tables this big, so we simplify them and narrow them to just 2 columns for attacking stats and defensive stats.

image 51
Simplified teams strengths

So the changes from the previous week are:

  • Attack improvement: Brentford, Crystal Palace, Leicester, Newcastle
  • Attack worsening: Aston Villa, Chelsea, Wolves
  • Defense improvement: Crystal Palace, Leicester
  • Defense worsening: Aston Villa, Liverpool


Schedule with according changes:

Attacking schedule
Attacking schedule
Defensive schedule
Defensive schedule

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