What is Second Chance League in FPL and Why You Should Care?

second chance league fpl

The Second Chance League is a new Global League in Fantasy Premier League that starts in Gameweek 21. It is meant to give managers an opportunity to fresh start mid-season and win some prizes. It runs alongside the Overall league that started in Gameweek 1.

Do you need to register for the Second Chance League?

No, all existing teams will automatically join the Second Chance League.

Can you win prizes in the Second Chance League?

Yes, the Second Chance League comes with amazing prizes, so it is definitely an opportunity for prize-chasers: from hospitality tickets to Premier League matches to high-tech gadgets. So you should definitely pay attention to this league if your aim is to win some prizes in fantasy football.

Who should care the most about Second Chance League?

  • Ideal for managers who joined FPL late, so they could not compete in the Overall league for prizes.
  • Also great for managers who messed up the first half of a season and are looking for a fresh start and redemption.
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