Best Bruno Fernandes Replacements for FPL Gameweek 17

fpl bruno fernandes replacements

Bruno Fernandes is out of Gameweek 17 due to the suspension. Although his underlying stats are not bad (4th for xGI among midfielders), Manchester United’s form is very unconvincing, so we think it is time to sell Red Devils’s playmaker.

However, if you have other pressing issues in your team you could just bench him for GW17, and then reassess in GW18 and play him in few next couple of fixtures.

Let’s look at who are the best Bruno Fernandes replacements for Gameweek 17 in the Fantasy Premier League.

Best Bruno Fernandes replacements in FPL

In our order, from the best

  1. Saka (9m, Arsenal) – if you can afford an upgrade, going for Arsenal midfielder would be our number 1 move
  2. Odegaard (8.3m, Arsenal) – if you cannot afford Saka, and looking for a direct Bruno Fernandes replacement and want Arsenal attacking coverage
  3. Bowen (7.7m, West Ham) – West Ham has mix of fixtures on the horizon, but Bowen is their key man, is playing up top while Antonio is injured, so fixtures do not matter that much.
  4. Gordon (6.2m, Newcastle) – solid underlying stats, Newcastle very good offensively this season and good fixture run on the horizon.
  5. Palmer (5.4, Chelsea) – excellent budget enabler, an option if you are looking for a way to free up some funds, but 4 of his 5 goals came from penalties
  6. Doucure (5.5m, Everton) – overlooked man, long-term differential, will not go to AFCON, a key man for Everton, solid underlying stats, but on 4 yellow cards.
  7. Sterling (7.1m, Chelsea) – one week punt against Sheffield
  8. Tavernier (5.4m, Bournemouth) – if you want to go for a risky differential while using the remaining money elsewhere

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