FPL GW17 Tips: Best Captain pick

One more gameweek before Premier League winter break and blank gameweek. We are in the crucial part of the season.

How you will manage your team during few upcoming rounds can have huge impact on your overall ranking.

In previous gameweek, we have two unexpected postponements that have huge impact on teams of many FPL managers.

We have some simple advice for you based on this experience:

1. In this uncertain period, leave your transfers as close to deadline as possible. If there is another unexpected postponement, maybe next time we will get notified just few minutes before the deadline. Wait for all information before you make a transfer.

2. Do not captain and vice captain player from the same fixture. In previous gameweek, many FPL managers captained Kane and vice-captained Son. They lost a lot this week. However, you can minimize this risk. Pick your captain and vice captain from different fixtures just in case that the game with your captain gets postponed.

3. Sort your bench the right way. Read how to manage and how to correctly sort your bench from our FPL GW13 Tips.

Now, let’s dive into our FPL GW17 Tips.

Tips for FPL GW17

Best captain pick for GW 17

Southampton vs. Liverpool, Manchester United vs. Aston Villa and Spurs vs. Leeds are standout captaincy fixtures for GW17.

Son and Kane are obvious captaincy choices this week again. But if you want to play it a bit riskier, Salah and Fernandes are the ones to look at.

3. Bruno Fernandes (AVL (H))

Manchester United face Aston Villa in GW17. On a paper, it should be an easy fixture for United. But it is not as good as Spurs fixture.

When we look at underlying statistics from Understat, we can see that Villa have very solid defense this season.

Only Manchester City conceded less goals and less xG than Aston Villa. Also, Villa have 8 clean sheets – more than any other team.

Of course, Villa have two game less than majority of other teams, and we should not overlook this fact.

However, Fernandes is third most scoring FPL player, and he has 7 double digits hauls this season.

He is very reliable and is definitely one to consider for the armband in GW17.  

2. Mohamed Salah (SOU (A))

Speaking about reliability, Salah is another consistent captain pick this season. But again, Liverpool does not have such a great fixture as Spurs.

Southampton have kept 6 clean sheets this season – only Villa and Manchester City have kept more.

Also, only 4 teams have conceded more goals and 5 teams have conceded more xG than Saints. It could tight game with few goals.

That’s why we are looking at Spurs vs. Leeds as the prime fixture for GW17 captaincy.

1.Son Heung Min (LEE (H))

Leeds have one of the worst defenses of this season. No team have conceded more goals or xG than them.

They conceded 14 goals against remaining top-6 teams (that’s 2.8 per game). It could be open game that should suit Son and Kane.

And from these two, we prefer Son Heung Min as his points ceiling is higher due to his classification as a midfielder.

Therefore, we think that Son is the best captain pick for GW17.


Chris Wood (FUL (H))

Chris Wood is currently sitting in only 1.6 % of FPL squads. Previous seasons we were used to more solid performances from him.

However, his underlying numbers suggests that he should have done a bit better this season, too. Wood scored only 3 goals from 5.73 xG.

So, he is getting into chances but fails to convert them. Burnley face Fulham in GW17 – one of the worst defenses of this season.

And if you are planning to use your free hit in GW18, Chris Wood could be also good choice for DGW18, if you bring him in now.

Scout squad for GW 17

At the end, let’s look  at our GW17 scout picks.



5.4 m | FUL (H)



7.3 m | SOU (A)


5.7 m | LEE (H)


5.5 m | NEW (A)


5.1 m | WBA (A)


Son (C)

9.7 m | LEE (H)


11.1 m | AVL (H)


12.6 m | SOU (A)


5.1 m | EVE (A)



8 m | WHU (H)


6.2 m | FUL (H)

We will be back soon with clean sheet odds for GW17.